The Sephora Avocado Face Mask Review

Asian-inspired sheet masks are here to stay. Apart from an influx of Korean sheet masks in the market, global brands are also taking cue and offering a variety of options for beauty mavens. Sephora Middle East has launched a brand new range of sheet masks under their banner, and I recently tried out their Avocado version; the Sephora Avocado Face Mask.

Sephora Avocado Mask Review by The Tezzy Files Dubai Beauty Blogger UAE Sephora Skincare Summer 2016 Dubai Lifestyle Blogger.jpg

Product Claim

“Inspired by Asian bEauty rituals, Sephora’s new generation masks feature an ultra-fine textile base that hugs the face’s contours like a second skin. Thus allowing for optimal penetration of active ingredients and targeted solutions for specific types of skin issues.” – On the packaging of the Sephora Avocado Face Mask.

Sephora Avocado Mask Review by The Tezzy Files Dubai Beauty Blogger UAE Sephora Skincare Summer 2016.jpg


Key Ingredients

  • Avocado: For intense nutrition and skin repair.
  • Water, Glycerin & Castor Oil: For added skin hydration.


Tezzy’s Take on the Sephora Avocado Face Mask

When I saw ‘Avocado’ on the packaging, I knew this was the mask I wanted. Avocado is SO good for you inside and out. On the skin, it acts as a very nourishing natural moisturizer. Remember my DIY Avocado & Honey Mask? Still love it and do it off and on, but the Sephora Avocado Mask is far more easier and tidier to use!

As per the packaging instructions, I unfolded the mask and discarded the pink film. The sheet mask itself is very light and flimsy and a little hard to handle as compared to the Korean When Sheet Masks that I have used earlier.

The sheet mask is loaded with gel-like serum, and after I managed to fit it onto the contours of my face, I rubbed the access onto my neck and decolletage. Here is my Zombie-like look with the mask on… Pretty grotesque, I know! 🙂

Sephora Avocado Mask Review.jpg

Once it settled down from being a little slippery and shifty, the mask felt cool and comforting on my skin. 10 minutes down, and most portions started drying out, meaning the product had seeped into my skin.

The recommended time for wearing the Sephora Avocado Mask is 15 minutes, but I kept it on for an additional five. Even when I finally took off the mask, I seemed to have a little excess product on my face, which I massaged right in. As with any sheet mask, you don’t need to rinse off the product.

I could feel the difference right away. My skin felt fresh, hydrated and very supple. Even five hours on, my complexion continued to feel very refreshed and had a lovely dewy glow to it. I went out that night, and makeup application on this well moisturized skin was an absolute breeze.

I would definitely recommend this mask as a refreshing ‘pick me up’ for a dull, stressed out complexion.


The Positives

  • Full of avocado goodness.
  • The mask is loaded with a generous amount of product.
  • Makes the skin feel very fresh and nourished
  • Provides a great base for makeup application
  • Works as an instant ‘pick me up’ for tired, dehydrated skin.


The Negatives

  • The mask can be a little tricky to put on.


Product Availability

The Sephora Avocado Mask is available in all Sephora stores across the Middle East. The mask comes in a number varieties, each addressing different skin concerns. I am eyeing the Sephora Rose Mask next! What’s your pick?