The Sephora Geometricolor Palette

I had the pleasure of being invited for a sneak peak of Sephora’s Winter 2016 lineup, and let me warn you to tighten those purse strings… the new season range, set to hit the stores from 1st December 2016, is sure to make you go broke! There were just so many things I have added to my Christmas wishlist… a brand new storage system for all my makeup stash being one!

However, space should not be an issue with Sephora’s very own Geometricolor Palette. With 80 eye-shadows, 32 lip glosses, 6 eye-liners, 4 brow powders, 4 blushes, 4 contouring powders and 1 generously sized mirror, you have an endless list of makeup possibilities with this beauty!


Priced at a very reasonable AED 225, the Sephora Geometricolor Palette comes in a compact hard-wearing black plastic casing. The hexagonal shape goes with the whole mathematical theme.



Unlike a majority of palettes, the mirror here is very generously sized which makes makeup application a breeze.

The 80 eye-shadows take up the majority of the palette space, and the colors range from a range of everyday nudes to bright pops of color for those who want to get more experimental.

Slide open the sides to reveal the 32 lip glosses on the left, and the contouring palettes, brow powders and eyeliners on the right.



With so many color options, getting started with this palette can be a little daunting. As a bonus, the Sephora Geometricolor Palette comes with very handy tutorial cards for foolproof makeup application.

The two tutorial cards give step by step instructions on eye makeup application and contouring, and ofcourse I gave it a go! I am always a little skeptical about palettes that claim to do so many things at once, but I was mighty impressed with the results!

First off, the lip gloss in this palette is highly pigmented, and not just a mere glossy sheen. I can easily see this lasting me through a day at work. The eye-shadows, brow powders and contouring powders are very soft and blendable, and give great color contrast. I also love the eyeliner! It is a gel-like formulation that glides on effortlessly.

However, my only qualm is that the palette does not come with any brushes. You will need to keep aside a lip brush, an eyeliner brush, and another two for eye-shadows and face contouring.

This palette has everything you need for a complete makeup look, barring foundation and mascara. I bet the next version will be upgraded with these!

A #NoFilterSelfie using the Sephora Geometricolor Palette


One mirror, 80 eye-shadows from the nudest shade to the most intense through pop tones, 32 glosses, six eyeliners, four brow powders, four blushes, four contouring powders… Imagine the possibilities with all these combinations – you do the maths 🙂



Priced at a mere AED 225, the Sephora Geometricolor Palette is great value for money, and would also make for a wonderful gifting idea this coming festive season!

The Sephora Geometricolor Palette will be available at all Sephora stores across the Middle East from 1st December 2016.