My whirlwind trip to India now feels like a distant dream. Where did a whole month go? We spent the major chunk of our holiday in the beautifully picturesque town of Shillong.

Shillong virtual tour by The Tezzy Files Dubai Travel lifestyle blog blogger Mghalaya Scotland of the East Rock Capital of India Photography Panasonic Lumix (10)

My Hubby calls Shillong home, and spent his entire childhood here. Every nook of the city seems to hold a fond memory for him, and despite being away for countless years, he proves to be an expert tour guide, leading me through miles of endlessly narrow streets and cobbled stairs.

I am in India right now, and just got back from a day trip exploring the streets of Guwahati (click here if you missed it). Walking about in the heat and humidity can take a toll on the skin, and so I decided to try out the OLEVA + Oxygen Activating Renewal Black Mask as soon as I got back.

OLEVA + Oxygen Moisturizing Black Mask review by The Tezzy Files Dubai Beauty Blog Lifestyle Blogger UAE Sephora Middle East(6)

The OLEVA + masks are brand new on the shelves of Sephora Middle East, and although the concept of sheet masks originates from Korea, this brand is made in China under the licence of Oleva France.

I really enjoyed playing dressup in the closet of Anisha Lalani, the creative genius behind the swimwear label Blue Ink Beachwear. We showed you how to expand the use of swimwear beyond the pool and the beach. With a little clever styling, you can take your swimwear to the boardroom, for a night out, and even make a fashion statement while lounging by the pool. Three looks down, I begged the girls to do a fourth. A boho chic at heart, I wanted to extend our play into this genre. It is really interesting to see how very different each of our 3 looks turned out to be!

Chef Carolyn Robb knows a thing or two about cooking for royalty. She was, after all, the Personal Chef to TRH Prince and Princess of Wales and their sons, Prince William and Prince Harry for an entire decade.

When asked which item she prepared most often for the royal family, Soda Bread comes on the top of Chef Carolyn’s list.

soda bread by Chef Carolyn Robb


My father in-law has a very endearing caretaker who originates from the Garo Hills. Swing is a short, middle-aged man with a rather muscular stature and a deep, dark chocolate-brown complexion, and has been a part of this family ever since I married into it. Yes, his name is Swing! Given his fondness for the bottle and a very jovial disposition, this name seems pretty apt for him. Sparse teethed yet ever-smiling, Swing has formed a special friendship with my daughter who he last saw as a 2 year-old. My daughter does not speak any Indian regional languages, and Swing has very limited use of the English tongue. Yet the other afternoon, I saw him sitting there trying to tell her a story in colloquial Hindi.

The legend of Garbo Raja a Boro Hills Folktale in The Tezzy Files Dubai Travel Blog Assamese Blogger North East India.jpg

Always keen on hearing some regional-style storytelling myself, I sat down to listen and offered to be the translator between the two. Swing narrated the story of Gangbo Raja, a folktale that has been passed down generations in the Garo Hills.