Introducing the Dabur Herbolene Natural Oil Jelly with Shea Butter

Petroleum Jelly has been a beauty must-have for generations. This multi-purpose balm that keeps chapped lips at bay, smoothens out cracked heels, and restores smooth, supple skin to elbows and shins has received a great deal of slack over the years, and for good reason too. Despite its versatility, the petroleum component of Petroleum Jelly makes it harmful for the skin.

Iconic Indian wellness brand Dabur has released a star product under the Herbolene range. Introducing the Dabur Herbolene Natural Oil Jelly with Shea Butter. This innovative product has the thick, ultra-moisturizing properties and versatility of traditional Petroleum Jelly minus the harmful petroleum. It is also a remarkably non-greasy formula, and is made of 100% natural, skin-loving ingredients including castor seed oil, beeswax, coconut oil and shea butter.

This lovely product has a sweet, aromatic scent and as it is made of natural ingredients, the skin laps it up with no greasy mess at all.

Enjoy supple, baby-soft skin with the Dabur Herbolene Natural Oil Jelly (also available in an Aloe Vera variation). This product is easily available across all major supermarkets in the UAE, and costs AED 16 a tub. Bargain deal!