Rewind a few years ago, and I would have never thought I could carry off blonde hair with my tanned complexion. And then the whole balayage revolution takes over, the two-toned hair coloring technique that makes you look like you live on an exotic beach. The upper portion remains darker (great for lazy bums like me as we don’t have to scoot to the salon for retouches), and from midway down its a whole load of artsy strokes of blonde!

Balayage is a work of art, and I wouldn’t trust any hairdresser to get it right. My hair was done for the second time by the very talented Roger from Station 10 Beauty Salon in Ramada Jumeirah hotel, and I am absolutely loving it! I’ve gone a little lighter on the blonde from last time as you can see below, and I hope to keep it that way for as long as possible.

Tresind, contrived from the French ‘tres’ for ‘very’ and the short-form ‘Ind’ for Indian, never fails to impress. The very young, debonair Executive Head Chef Himanshu Saini has many a trick up his sleeves and recreates popular Indian flavors in the guise of modern world cuisines with much panache.

I was therefore super excited to try out their Iftar 2017 menu, and off we went with my little sister in tow (who was visiting us from New Zealand). I reassured her this would be an Iftar like no other she’s tried before, and she has been raving about it on her social media channels ever since.

I’ve always been a huge fan of Barcelona-born fashion brand Desigual. Their offbeat prints and colour clashes always appealed to the boho in me. However, this very notion of ‘loud’, non-confirmative mix of prints makes many turn away from the brand.

Come Spring Summer 2017, the brand new collection at Desigual has gone through a major transformation. Sure the crazy cool clash of colors stays true to the brand DNA, but the range now includes a wider range of options for those seeking a more sober wardrobe palette.

Casual day out in a super comfy pair of boyfriend-fit jeans and blouse? I bet this is not what you envisage… Dressed in blue, dressed in Desigual. Always so beautifully different!

Desigual Dubai Fashion Blog The Tezzy Files UAE Lifestyle blog fashionista look of the day award winning best blogger uae photo shoot the farm al barari blue denim jeans what to wear (3

My very first ‘Iftar’ this year was a good two weeks before the start of Ramadan (oh the perks of being a food blogger!). On Wednesday 10th May, I sat at a very festive table alongside a mixed group of journalists, bloggers and their families to delve into a very authentic feast.

How does the Iftar at Fairmont Dubai differ from other grand, Arabesque Iftars that are so prevalent across the city this month?

I am super excited to let you know that my blog, The Tezzy Files, got featured in Huffington Post!

The Tezzy Files has been listed under an article entitled “New and upcoming health and fitness websites for you to follow in 2017”. Click here to read the complete article online.

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Although the majority of my posts deal mainly with the foodie scene of Dubai, and a whole lot of beauty reviews, I have published a number of posts related to health and wellness (click here to see more). Absolutely stoked to be discovered by Huffington Post, thanks a ton for appreciating my work.

Do look out for more Health & Wellness posts on The Tezzy Files.

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The summer sun is blaring bright and strong. Ironic how I always patronize the sunscreen only when the temperatures spike up. I really should have Baz Luhrmann’s ‘Wear Sunscreen’ song on repeat, regardless of the season. In case you’ve missed it, click here for my previous post with details on the importance of sunscreen.


I am a sucker for facial oils, and was quite intrigued by this oil-based SPF I spotted on This website has turned into my one-stop online shop for all things beauty, and love their one-day delivery service! My bottle of Herbal Essentials Broad Spectrum Sunscreen Oil SPF 50 arrived exactly a day after I hit the purchase button, all wrapped up in the signature Bashara Care box like a special pressie to myself.

Ramadan Kareem! I hope this blessed month is bringing you all the inner peace you have craved, and that you are enjoying the special time bonding with loved ones over scrumptious Iftars and Suhoor.

The previous years had me bloated as a food blogger with myriads of Iftar requests, many of them a repeat of menus whereby I actually started to feign the sight of Ouzi. This year, I am being more picky. I am on the lookout for more varied flavors that will help me explore the authentic cuisines of different regions, and how could I say no to an Iftar invite by famed Moroccan celebrity Chef Mama herself? I am a huge fan of Moroccan tagines. I love the play of savory with sweet, the fruit with the meat.

Moroccan Iftar Chef Mama Pullman Dubai UAE Review

When I first saw Nisha wearing this gorgeous dress from I wanted it bad! Come birthday month, and my lovely young colleague and friend manages to get me one too 🙂

Blowout Bar Salon Shein Dress Review Fashion Blog The Tezzy Files Dubai Fashion Blog Khaleesi Style Braids Boho Bohemian Girls (4)


May was ‘birthday month’ for the both of us, although I am over a decade older than Nisha (let’s not get into numbers, ok?). At this age, I thought I’d be growing more sober with my fashion sense… but so glad that’s not happening! I can still relate to the tastes of a fresh graduate, so that must be something. I am young at heart 🙂

Our dresses are identical, apart from the color. I love the print; it looks so Arabesque yet so boho all at once. The fabric is super light and airy, and add to it the thigh-high slits and you have quite a head-turning summer dress!

Blowout Bar Salon Shein Dress Review Fashion Blog The Tezzy Files Dubai Fashion Blog Khaleesi Style Braids Boho Bohemian Girls (5)

I was first introduced to BlowOut Bar Dubai at the event last month. The lovely ladies had a wee nook to themselves, and were doing a whole lot of creative hair braiding. Given my love for all things bohemian, I patiently stood in queue and got these absolutely stunning braids done.

It was almost heart-breaking having to undo them a day later, and this is when I decided to hunt down BlowOut Bar for myself. 

Downtown Dubai boasts of some of the snazziest bars in the city, all uniquely stylish in their own right. We are winding down to the weekend, and if you are planning to ring it in with your crew over a long lineup of drinks, Stock Exchange might just be the place for you.


Apart from their groovy, chilled out vibes and pub-grub that goes well beyond the usual hot wings and peanut bowls, Stock Exchange is based on a unique algorithm whereby the prices of the drinks keep changing through the night. It’s Economics 101 really. Governed by supply and demand, the more rounds of drinks you order, the lower the price.