Saree Pants

The saree, the quintessential Indian garment featuring nine yards of pure grace, is worn in a wide variety of drapes across the Indian subcontinent. From young to the very old, stick thin to well-endowed, the saree enhances every woman who adorns it.

I absolutely adore the saree, but sadly I really lack the skills required to drape it gracefully. When I wear one, it is armored with a battalion of safety-pins, toilet stops get postponed and I find myself walking ever so cautiously lest I trip and unravel all my pleats.

A friend once suggested I could get a saree stitched to a ‘ready-made saree’ whereby a tailor pre-stitches the pleats skillfully together, and you just need to slip it on like a skirt. I had a disastrous experience with this. The tailor made my ‘skirt’ far too loose, and it didn’t have that hip-hugging appeal a genuine drape would give. I had to splurge out more tailoring money to have the stitching carefully undone to save my heirloom piece.

Then I got introduced the concept of Saree Pants. Ok, they are not exactly a saree, but that slung-over scarf gives it a similar appeal, and this outfit is SO very comfortable!

This outfit was created by Suchita Stylista and features a pair of pure silk hand-dyed wide pants, a matching collared shirt and a stole.

The collared shirt gives it a visually Indo-Western look.

The material is so luxuriously soft and silky that I could easily wear it from morning to night.

This simple yet ultra-elegant ensemble may be just the thing you are looking to wear for an Iftar soiree or a long day out this Eid. The flatteringly loose fit will cover up for a multitude of over-eating sins, and this deep maroon shade will suit any complexion.