Modibodi: Life-Changing Underwear!

I did a post about Modibodi on Instagram, and had a downpour of messages from inquisitive women. And my reply has been the same. Yes! These knickers are magic!

The Modibodi underwear range start at AED 95 each. A well looked after pair can easily last you a good 6 months (staunch fans even swear to 2 years!), so imagine the savings you’ll make on pesky sanitary pads and tampons.

The underwear come in a range of styles including basic, sensual, curvy, seamless and even a maternity range.

They’ve been tried and tested by yours truly. I have a pretty heavy flow, and am astounded to report a very cruisy, leak-free month… even overnight!

These high-tech briefs take it all in, and last a good 8 to 9 hours (roughly an entire work day in my case). When it’s time to change you kind of get that heavy feel. Yet still no leaks! Just wash, dry, reuse.

Save money, save the planet. Switch to Modibodi!

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