NUMAISH Lifestyle Exhibitions presents Art Karat by Asha Kamal Modi

There is something timeless about traditional Indian jewelry. You might be lucky enough to have inherited a prized piece, encrusted in a rainbow of exquisite gems. The most besotted style of Indian jewelry is the ‘Navratna’. Navratna translates to ‘9 gems’, and this special combination of precious stones has a deep-rooted cultural and astrological significance in the Indian subcontinent.


Highly sought after and often too steeply priced thanks to the weight of gold each piece is based on, Navratna jewelry has been worn by royalty, the rich and famous, and ever so often seen worn by Bollywood sirens in epic movies.

Want to own a piece of prized Navratna yourself? Brace yourselves Dubai, Numaish Lifestyle Exhibitions is hosting a very special jewelry exhibition entitled Art Karat. The 2-day event will showcase Navratna – The Gemstone Collection by celebrated jewelry designer Asha Kamal Modi.

  • Date: Friday 25th and Saturday 26th November
  • Venue: Taj Dubai
  • Timing: 11 am to 8 pm


Asha Kamal Modi’s jewelry have a timeless appeal that has won the hearts of many a fashionista.


Her besotted designs have been seen in over 10 Bollywood blockbusters including Devdas, Monsoon Wedding, Jodha Akbar, Ram Leela and Bajiro Mastani!


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This collection is particularly special as for the first time a designer has recreated the amazing Navratna jewels in silver instead of gold, thereby making them so much more affordable!


Investing in a classic piece is always a good idea, so tighten those purse strings and get ready to splurge at Art Karat… under 10 days to go!