Friday is Mask Day! After a long, tiring week of work aptly followed by eventful nights of socializing early into the dawn of Friday mornings, I like to snooze till late into the day and treat myself to a face mask right after breakfast.

Last Friday, I treated myself to yet another fabulous mask by Oleva+. Made under the licence of Oleva France, the entire range is created under a great deal of scientific scrutiny. Although sheet masks originate from Korea, the Oleva+ range is made in the Oleva+ lab in China.

Here I am in the Oleva+ Moisturizing Bio-Cellulose Mask:

How do you like your eggs? Scrambled, soft-boiled or sunny side up? This morning I had mine in the form of a sheet-mask, infused with skin firming collagen 🙂 This is the Egg Cream Mask by Korean brand ‘Too Cool for School’, yet another interesting addition to the skincare range at Sephora Middle East.

I’ve been using the Starskin The Master Cleanser Detoxing Sea Kelp Leaf Cleansing Foam for nearly two weeks now, and loving that super-clean yet non-drying effect it has on my ‘skin. I was therefore very excited about giving this mask a go.

Starskin Master Cleanser Detox Sea Kelp Leaf Face Mask Review by The Tezzy Files Dubai Beauty Blogger Sephora Middle East Skincare 1

The Starskin Master Cleanser Detox Sea Kelp Leaf Face Mask, although also based on traditional organic Korean beauty rituals, is very uniquely different from any other sheet mask I’ve used in the past.

First off, the mask itself is hand-cut from real sea kelp leaf and it takes 1,300 hours to make! The mask is drenched in a hydrating essence made of 90.37% organic plant extracts and uses a total of 31 organic ingredients. 

I am in India right now, and just got back from a day trip exploring the streets of Guwahati (click here if you missed it). Walking about in the heat and humidity can take a toll on the skin, and so I decided to try out the OLEVA + Oxygen Activating Renewal Black Mask as soon as I got back.

OLEVA + Oxygen Moisturizing Black Mask review by The Tezzy Files Dubai Beauty Blog Lifestyle Blogger UAE Sephora Middle East(6)

The OLEVA + masks are brand new on the shelves of Sephora Middle East, and although the concept of sheet masks originates from Korea, this brand is made in China under the licence of Oleva France.

Asian-inspired sheet masks are here to stay. Apart from an influx of Korean sheet masks in the market, global brands are also taking cue and offering a variety of options for beauty mavens. Sephora Middle East has launched a brand new range of sheet masks under their banner, and I recently tried out their Avocado version; the Sephora Avocado Face Mask.

Sephora Avocado Mask Review by The Tezzy Files Dubai Beauty Blogger UAE Sephora Skincare Summer 2016 Dubai Lifestyle Blogger.jpg

‘When’ face masks are the latest sheet-masks to hit the UAE beauty scene.

The Koreans are pioneers of the sheet-mask concept, and it is of little wonder that the ‘When’ brand also hails from Korea.

I tried the ‘When Makeup Base’ mask this weekend, just before a special date night with hubby, and loved what it did for my complexion.