Oleva+ Moisturizing Bio-Cellulose Mask Review

Friday is Mask Day! After a long, tiring week of work aptly followed by eventful nights of socializing early into the dawn of Friday mornings, I like to snooze till late into the day and treat myself to a face mask right after breakfast.

Last Friday, I treated myself to yet another fabulous mask by Oleva+. Made under the licence of Oleva France, the entire range is created under a great deal of scientific scrutiny. Although sheet masks originate from Korea, the Oleva+ range is made in the Oleva+ lab in China.

Here I am in the Oleva+ Moisturizing Bio-Cellulose Mask:

Product Claim

As the name if the mask suggests, the main claim of this product is to moisturize the skin. The packet also claims the following:

  • Moisturizing
  • Whitening
  • Anti-Wrinkle
  • Repairing & Soothing Effect

“A hydrating and radiance-enhancing facial mask. Using leading-edge biotechnology, this bio-cellulose mask delivers instant and visible results in a safe way, keeps skin plump, hydrated and young-looking. The bio-cellulose fiber comes from patented microorganism fermentation of coconut, which is anti-bacteria and oxygen permeable. Saturated in Korea-patented serum with powerful actives, this is a multi-functional mask for moisturizing, whitening, anti-wrinkle, repairing and soothing effects. Free of alcohol, phthalates and sulfates.” – Sephora website.


Key Ingredients

  • Bio-cellulose coconut sheet mask: Adheres to the skin, and delivers the serum more efficiently into the skin.
  • Korean-patented serum: Enriched with highly moisturizing ingredients including glycerin and sweet almond extract.

What is a Bio-Cellulose Mask?

Bio-Cellulose masks are all the rage right now, and for good reason too. But did you know that these masks are essentially made of bacteria?! I hear you squeam! But the editor at Allure explains it well:

“Don’t let your imagination go crazy—these masks aren’t grown in a petri dish. Randy Schueller, a cosmetic chemist and cofounder of thebeautybrains.com, explains that they’re made by finding a strain of bacteria that ferments glucose. “The bacteria then poop out cellulose; you purify it, collect it, and then make a mask out of it,” he says.”

Bio-cellulose masks are far more effective than their predicessor, the sheet masks thanks to their ability to adhere to the face like a second skin. This makes the active ingredients work their magic far more efficiently without evaporating.


Tezzy’s Experience with the Oleva+ Moisturizing Bio-Cellulose Mask

This mask is absolutely drenched in serum, and I actually had a whole generous blob in my palm right after snipping open the packet. I applied it onto my face and decolletage, and proceeded to unwrap the mask.

The bio-cellulose mask is an opaque white, and feels very cool and refreshing on the skin. As promised, it fits like a glove! I like the fact that the mask has slits on the edges, making it easy to adjust the size by different face shapes.

The packet advises leaving the sheet mask on for 15 to 30 minutes. I went a little beyond 20. After the first 10 minutes, the mask feels a little firmer, assuring me that the serum has seeped in to my skin.

When removed, most of the serum was well absobed into my skin, and my complexion looked and felt visibly refreshed.

For best results, this mask needs to be repeated for the first 3 days, and then used 2 to three times a week. I wore the Oleva+ Moisturizing Bio-Cellulose Mask three consecutive days in a row, and really felt a difference in my skin.

For one, my skin didn’t feel quite as dry and I definately didn’t need a moisturizer right after the mask. Being more hydrated, my tell-tale laughter lines seemed more blurred out and overall I had the look of someone who has been enjoying a restful few nights of slep (contrary to the truth!).

I’m pretty hooked onto the Oleva+ Moisturizing Bio-Cellulose Mask, and will be using it for 2 to 3 times in the next few weeks. I promise to report back on how it works out for me. So far, it seems to be a glowing of positivity (pun intended!).


The Positives

  • The bio-cellulose mask adheres to the skin very well, and effectively delivers the key ingredients.
  • The skin looks visibly refreshed and moisturized.
  • In the long run, this mask can surely help blur out tell-tale signs of aging.


The Negatives

  • This mask includes added fragrance, and may not suit very sensitive skin types.


Where to Buy the Oleva+ Moisturizing Bio-Cellulose Mask

The Oleva+ skincare range is exclusively available at all Sephora stores across the Middle East, and can also be bought on the Sephora online store. Click here.

The Oleva+ Moisturizing Bio-Cellulose Mask retails for AED 61 each.