Tezzy’s Huffington Post Moment of Fame

This is hilarious! A dear friend of mine just pointed out to me that I got featured in none other than The Huffington Post itself! Psyched! Yet I wasn’t expecting my #HuffingtonPostMomentOfFame to look quite like this!

huffington post the tezzy files dubai beauty blog uae lifestyle blogger sephora middle east.jpg

Sorry for so many exclamations in one paragraph… its the long weekend, it’s 4 am and I’m high on jittery excitement!

The original post on The Huffington Post is entitled ’14 Flawless Masks Editors Swear By’. Click here to read the article. And yes, it does give you all the more reason to try out the Sephora Avocado Face Mask for yourself 🙂

And if you really, really love avocados like I do, you might want to try out this DIY (deliciously edible!) mask I use from time to time. Click here for the recipe.