As many of you might have noticed from my last few posts, I have recently gone significantly blonder (click here if you missed it!). I’ve been a little cynical about going lighter as, in the past, my blonde streaks (often mixed in with a red base) tended to go a brassy orange after a month or so.

Scanning through the shelves of Lush, one of my all-time favorite beauty brands, I came across these bottles of Lush Daddy-O Shampoo. A helpful staff member recommended it for keeping my blonde streaks bright and brass-free, and I was sold! They had a sale going on, so I actually walked out with their largest, 500 ml bottle. Nope, never tried it before this financial commitment… I’m pretty much a sucker like that!


Two weeks in, I am relived to say I am so glad I bought the bigger, more economically-sound bottle. Lush’s Daddy-O Shampoo really is a God-send for ‘unnaturally’ blondes!

I’ve been using the Starskin The Master Cleanser Detoxing Sea Kelp Leaf Cleansing Foam for nearly two weeks now, and loving that super-clean yet non-drying effect it has on my ‘skin. I was therefore very excited about giving this mask a go.

Starskin Master Cleanser Detox Sea Kelp Leaf Face Mask Review by The Tezzy Files Dubai Beauty Blogger Sephora Middle East Skincare 1

The Starskin Master Cleanser Detox Sea Kelp Leaf Face Mask, although also based on traditional organic Korean beauty rituals, is very uniquely different from any other sheet mask I’ve used in the past.

First off, the mask itself is hand-cut from real sea kelp leaf and it takes 1,300 hours to make! The mask is drenched in a hydrating essence made of 90.37% organic plant extracts and uses a total of 31 organic ingredients. 

Asian-inspired sheet masks are here to stay. Apart from an influx of Korean sheet masks in the market, global brands are also taking cue and offering a variety of options for beauty mavens. Sephora Middle East has launched a brand new range of sheet masks under their banner, and I recently tried out their Avocado version; the Sephora Avocado Face Mask.

Sephora Avocado Mask Review by The Tezzy Files Dubai Beauty Blogger UAE Sephora Skincare Summer 2016 Dubai Lifestyle Blogger.jpg

Just when I thought I’d found the epitome of foundation perfection, the Shiseido Syncro Skin Lasting Liquid Foundation lands on my reviewing desk. I love my Makeup Forever Ultra HD Foundation, and being rather brand loyal, was rather reluctant to make a shift. However, this brand new contender has ticked far too many boxes than I first gave it credit for, and I’m totally obsessed!

Shiseido Syncro Skin Lasting Liquid Foundation  Review by The Tezzy Files Dubi Beauty and Lifestyle Blog UAE (1)

The Kempinski Hotel in Ajman is the oldest hospitality establishment on that scenic beach-facing strip of the Northern Emirates. I have entered its regal premises earlier, having been invited for a #ZomatoMeetup at Sabella’s, the organic Italian restaurant. This time round, I visited their spa.


Who doesn’t fancy a day at the spa? Its the perfect excuse to unwind, relax and let the toll of everyday stress and anxiety wean away. Kempinski The Spa has a classic, simplistic layout with a spacious, brightly lit reception area where guests are greeted by ever-smiling staff. 

I am a huge fan of natural, organic beauty products, and as a Dubai dweller, I am extremely proud of Shiffa, a home-grown organic beauty brand conceptualized and created by Dr. Lamees Hamdan.

The name ‘Shiffa‘ is derived from the Arabic word meaning ‘to heal’. Delving into the beauty secrets of ancient Arabia, the brand encompasses a unique holistic stance at skincare. At the Sephora Middle East event last month, I spent a good deal of time chatting with the ladies at the Shiffa counter. They are introducing a host of brand new products for Summer 2016, and many of their best-loved formulas are getting a makeover, ensuring they are now 90% organic.

I have been using the Shiffa Olive and Mint Cold Pressed Arabian Soap, and wanted to share my thoughts on this pretty parcel.

Shiffa Olive and Mint Cold Pressed Arabian Soap review by The Tezzy Files Dubai Beauty Blogger (2)

Last Thursday, I was invited for a makeover session courtesy Gosh Cosmetics. In all honesty, I had never heard of the brand, and curiosity got the better of me. Will the range really be super spectacular and have me going ‘Gosh! Why were we not introduced earlier?’ Read on for my verdict… and some pretty amazing, brow-raising ‘before & after’ clicks 😉

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About a month or so ago, I was craving a very red lipstick. A fiery, bright engine-truck red that would add oomph to anything I wear. I also wanted it in a matte finish, which, I believe is best for keeping bright lipstick colours wearable for any time of day.

I reached out to the counters of two of my favorite lipstick brands; Mac and Makeup Forever. “Give me your reddest lipstick in matte please!” And I ended up with Mac’s Ruby Woo from their Retro Matte collection, and Makeup Forever’s M8 Matte Bright Red from their Rouge Artist Intense collection.

I know this is not exactly a comparison of apples to apples, but these are the two shades that were recommended to me for fitting into my ‘very red and matte’ criteria. The reddest lipstick Mac Ruby Woo versus Makeup Forever M8 Matte Bright Red The Tezzy Files Beauty Blog Dubai (3)