My Hair Coloring Story: Going Blonde at Station 10

Have you seen my brand new blonde hair on Instagram? 🙂

But first, let me tell you my hair coloring story so far… I’ve been experimenting with my hair color since my late teens. I started off with organic henna-infused hair masks, and I loved the hint of amber it lent to my tresses. My hair is naturally a deep, dark brown and seems to seep in colors very well. By my early twenties I was buying DIY hair coloring packs, and was known in my circle for my fiery red hair. I believe it gave me an edge, and made meek old me stand out that little bit more among a crowd of strangers.

When I was pregnant with my daughter, I went a whole 9 months sans coloring. Suddenly my tresses were near-black, and I had people tell me I looked far better as a red-head. So red it was… until about a year ago.

It all started when I asked my hairdresser for tips on adding volume to my hair. She suggested adding highlights in three to five different shades to add depth and drama. I chose a good deal of golden over a deep red base, and suddenly I was obsessed. I loved the look of golden! It seemed to add a newfound luminosity to my features.

The next time round, I went just a little more blonde… a little timid about what too much peroxide could do to my already dry, over-dyed hair. It looked great initially, but within a few months it went all brassy and a tad bit orange. I have been warned not to trust my hair with everybody, lesson learnt!

For damage control, I was using all sorts of hair masks and tonics, and my over-dry hair seeped it all up like a dehydrated camel in the desert. Finally confident with an overall improvement in my hair health, I ventured out looking for a new salon.

Great news Dubai! We have a brand new sanctuary for hair and nail care. With its bright apple-green interiors and spunky staff all dressed up in distressed jeans, Station 10 is not your average drab, pretentious salon.

Located on the mezzanine floor of Ramada Jumeirah Hotel, Station 10 may be a brand new beauty concept in the city, but the management have successfully scouted some of the best bigwigs in the industry. My hair was done by the very talented Mr. Roger, who has over 15 years of hair coloring experience, both in Dubai and his native Lebanon.

I am absolutely in love with my new hair color! It isn’t just a flat blonde. Roger is a real artist. He blended in three different shades. It has an ombre finish with the ends being a lighter blonde (which is great, as regrowth will not look as obvious!).

He manages to add highlights that blend in effortlessly, no harsh lines of color streaks.

Best of all, my hair felt beautifully soft, and looked so much healthier! Station 10 uses a premium range of hair care products, so you can rest assured your tresses are in good hands.

What do you think? 🙂

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Station 10 is located in Ramada Jumeirah Hotel (Mezzanine Floor, Al Mina Road – Dubai). For more information and appointments, give them a call on 04 7027098.