Rashi’s Nutrition Tips and ‘The Protein Bakeshop’

Meet the absolutely stunning Rashi Chowdhary. Rashi is a nutritionist by profession. She is absolutely obsessed with good, nutritious food and her passion for teaching people to eat right has led her into creating the decadently good ‘Protein Bakeshop’.

Rashi Chowdhary nutritionist

And read on for a recipe for a guilt-free sweet treat!

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Well, I am a nutritionist who hates weighing scales, fake food and diets!

I am a diabetic educator as well. My forte is fat loss and dealing with metabolic disorders.

Honestly, I eat, sleep, dream, breathe, talk, walk Nutrition. It’s my only thing you know!

When you have so much passion and so much love for what you do, work never seems monotonous, you are never tired to do more, think more, work more. I guess that’s what does it for me.


You obviously love your profession! What influenced you into becoming a nutritionist?

My passion for a healthy lifestyle started somewhere around the 6th or 7th grade.

Initially it was based on fear as many of my family members and close relatives were extremely unhealthy, over weight and even obese. That’s what scared me the most. I always thought that because it’s in my genes, I too will grow up to be that way.

When I got conscious about food early on, I used to do various fad diets, consume diet soda’s and any thing labeled “fat- free” that was available back then. I was thin but very unfit, had skin issues all through my teenage years and obviously hormonal issues.

It was only when I started practicing as a nutritionist and working on real life people that I started to understand what balanced nutrition is truly all about.


Tell us about the Protein Bakeshop. How did you go about creating this lovely brand?

Protein Bake Shop is not just a healthier version of your favorite desert.

When you look closely at the nutrition label and ingredients, you’ll see how it’s a healthy snacking option for anyone trying to lose weight/ get fit/ fighting with allergies and intolerances and gain muscle mass.

Anyone battling with sugar addictions and wanting to make improvements in their eating habits will benefit from switching to wholesome baking with natural sugars at the Protein Bakeshop.

Also, people with metabolic syndrome like Type 2 diabetes, pcod, Insulin resistance etc, can turn to the baked goods from the Protein power range, since the total carbs are kept under 10 grams, plus whey protein isolate is used to improve the protein to carb ratio.

I’ve been practicing as a nutritionist for over 8 years now, and the amount of misinformation that exists in people’s minds about nutrition has always made me want to do something about it.

People need to go beyond concepts like calorie counting, truly understand the effect of whole wheat, low fat dairy on their body and how it might not be the best option.

Also, the misconception that fat is bad for you and your cholesterol and gives you heart attacks!

In my opinion, all these nutritional beliefs come in the way of us leading healthier lives.

The concept of Protein Bake Shop is based on new age nutritional science where nutrients matter more than calories, fat is good for you, refined sugar is an absolute NO and ingredients like wheat and dairy.

These are not what marketing gimmicks make them seem. The quality and processing methods of these ingredients are compromised heavily which makes them nutritionally very different compared to what they use to be decades ago.

What are your personal favorites from the Protein Bakeshop goodies?

I’m mad about the Protein truffles!

the protein bakeshop chocolate truffles
The Protein Bakeshop – Protein Truffles

I absolutely love the macros of Fitscuits, chocolate stacks and almond cookies for fat loss!

The Protein Bakeshop Chocolate Stacks
The Protein Bakeshop – Chocolate Stacks

In my opinion all of these are truly, cleverly delicious.

Can you share a recipe for a guilt-free sweet treat?

1 banana + 2 dates + 1 scoop of 100% cocoa + 100 ml almond milk + cinnamon powder + 2 tbsp of paleo almond butter.

You’ve got to try this to believe how satisfying and nourishing this is.

It’s great for a light breakfast or a pre-workout shake 2 hours prior.

Almond Butter-2

Thank-you for all these nutritious tips Rashi! I always knew chocolate was good for me 😉

Check out The Protein Bakeshop, they have branches in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Mumbai.

Stay happily healthy everyone!