Emirates Park Resort

Emirates Park Resort is the first of its kind in the UAE. Located on the outskirts of Abu Dhabi, this unique resort has its very own private zoo!


My family and I have been to Emirates Park Resort a number of times. It has become my toddler’s favorite place in the capital!

When you think ‘resorts’ you think sandy beaches and lazy mornings by the pool. At Emirates Park Resort, you don’t get a sea-view or even a pool. Instead, your stay is all about mingling with wildlife.

Here is the view from our room…

room view

All the rooms on the resort circle the ‘savanna’ where the giraffes, gazelles and zebras graze all day.

emirates park resort view

emirates park resort gazelles

Best of all, you are allowed to pat and feed them! This really gets my daughter excited.

giraffe emirates park resort

We booked a Deluxe room for AED 1,500 per night.

The rooms at Emirates Park Resort have all the amenities you would expect to need for your stay. Let me give you a tour of the room layout…

The living-room is quite spacious, and the larger sofa converts into a bed.

emirates park resort living room

They have satellite television, but we didn’t have time for TV during the day, we had a whole zoo to explore!

The kitchen is adjacent to the living-room area. It includes a mini fridge, an electric kettle, and is well-stocked with cutlery and dinner plates.

emirates park resort kitchen

The bedroom has a queen-sized bed, and the turquoise and beige colors of the living-room are reused here.

Two adults, or two adults and a small child can easily accommodate in this bedroom.

emirates park resort bedroom

Given the living-room has a sofa-cum-bed, a room at Emirates Park Resort can very comfortably accommodate a large family, or a group of four adults.

The bathroom was a bit of a disappointment. It is small compared to the rest of the room, and has a shower cubicle, no tub.

emirates park resort bathroom

However, Emirates Park Resort is not about lazing in bed with sea views or having leisurely baths, we are on a mini safari here!

Emirates Park Zoo is adjacent to the resort, and the room rate includes a free all-day family pass.

emirates park resort entrance

You don’t have to stay in Emirates Park Resort to have access to the zoo, this is open to the public for AED 30 per adult, and AED 20 per child.

Emirates Park Zoo was once privately owned by a local family living in the area, and they later decided to share the experience with the public.

emirates park resort parrot

What makes Emirates Park Zoo unique? You get to feed the animals! Animal feed is available for purchase at different counters around the zoo, and this can be lots of fun with little children.

Of course the bigger cats need trained feeders!

emirates park resort tiger

And here’s an interesting looking desert cat… he looks like a fiend from ‘The Lion King’.


Emirates Park Zoo also has a dolphin and seal show, timed at hourly intervals.

I was too busy watching the show to click photos, but here’s one of my super excited daughter!

dolphin show

At Emirates Park Zoo, you get a more hand-on experience with the wild.

I uploaded this photo of bubby and me on Facebook and got lots of mixed responses! Most people found this way too scary, but I had full faith in the highly trained crew at the zoo (the zookeeper is expertly holding the snake’s head as we pose for the camera).


And hubby made friends with this happy-looking camel.

emirates park resort camel

It was a fun family day at the zoo, and to unwind we spent the evening on our very own porch facing the savanna.

The last time we visited, my sister was with us. We were having a very animated girly chat on the porch, and suddenly realized we were being watched… it was a nosey giraffe protruding his head past his fence trying to get a better look at us! How often do you get interrupted by a giraffe? We thought he was way too adorable!

emirates park resort porch

For dining, central Abu Dhabi is about half an hour’s drive away. The resort also allows you to order in, or bring your own. Or you have the option of ordering from the Emirates Park Resort in-house menu.

Their menu is predominantly Arabic cuisine, think kebabs and hummus, and is very reasonably priced. We had a generous meal inclusive of a mixed kebab platter, dips, breads and soup and the bill was within AED 200.

Emirates Park Resort is not your typical idea of a holiday away. There are no sandy beaches or luxury pools, but it sure is a hit with the kids! The rooms are large and spacious, and the making friends with wildlife makes the resort stand out as a unique destination for a weekend away.

You can book a room at Emirates Park Resort online, and right now they have special rates. Get there before the weather gets too warm!