#100healthydays: Week 2

Wow we are already at the end of Week 2! In Week 1 I was still recovering from the aftermath of bidding 2014 adieu. The scales haven’t budged much, but then again this was never about the weight. 100 Healthy Days is a lifestyle change, one baby-step at a time.

Here’s what I got up to in Week 2…


Day 8: Pomegranate Queen

I absolutely love, love pomegranates but hate how time-consuming and messy it can get peeling out the wee rubies. Thanks to my Pinterest addiction I found this life-changing technique allowing me to peel pomegranates in no time. You really have to try this out. I ate 4 pomegranates today, I am a ‘Pomegranate Queen’!

Day 9: Ajman Beach

It’s Friday morning. The rest of the household is snoozing. I decided to sneak out and drive up to Ajman beach for a nice long walk. Great weather, sandy beach, soaking in solitude. What a lovely start to the weekend.



Day 10: Road Trip to Ras Al Khaimah

2015 seems to be dragging us back and forth to Ras Al Khaimah. We were here only last weekend! This time round we skipped the mountain climbing and walked around Hamra Fort. Ended the trip with a cup of Saffron Tea at a local vendor’s.

saffron tea

Day 11: Chicken Fajita Salad

I tried out Cantina Laredo’s recipe. I swapped the salad dressing with low-fat yoghurt (with a pinch of salt and pepper beaten in). For the cheese, I used low-fat Haloumi (as I just happened to have some in the fridge). It turned out pretty delicious, and I made enough to last me till dinnertime.

Day 12: Going Bananas

A colleague of mine introduced me to baby bananas from Kerala. Kerala is the Southern state of India and boasts of having over a hundred varieties of bananas. This wee baby banana (aka ‘Nendra Bale’ in Kerala) is often fed to young babies for its high potassium and fiber content. It tastes a little sweeter and firmer than the average banana. Doesn’t the colorful skin look very ‘Bob Marley’?


Day 13: Chocolate Face

After a long, tedious day at work I decided to treat myself to chocolate. Before you freak out, let me tell you the calorie count was zilch! I put on my Chocolate Mask again. See, chocolate really is good for you!

Chocolate face mask

Day 14: Bollywood Beats

There’s something about Bollywood music. Perhaps its the faster tempo, the crazier mix of beats. It really gets the adrenalin pumping. Decided to stay indoors tonight and pump up the volume. Did some crazy dancing with my little girl (and picking her up and down must count as weight-training). Currently Bang Bang’s title track tops our dancing list.