#100healthydays: Week 3

The week of 15th to 21st Jan has been loaded with feasts. This has made Week 3 of #100healthydays quite disastrous!

Here’s my week in images…

kiwi fruit zespri breakfast blueberries

Day 15: Upping the Vitamin C

Started Day 14 on a very fruity note. The patriot in me only buys New Zealand Zespri Kiwi Fruit, and I think they go great with a tub of blueberries. Vitamin C quota covered for the day.

bihu recipes

Day 16: Bhogali Bihu

My lovely sister-in-law Sharmin shared her special Bihu recipes with us here and we invited ourselves over for the treats. Diet downfall!

chia breakfast

Day 17: A very healthy bowl for breakfast

Growing up in New Zealand, we love our Weetbix for breakfast (the ‘Kiwi kids are Weetbix kids’ jingle is just too catchy!). Weetbix is loaded with fiber and good carbs to boost energy throughout the day. It also has an ample dose of iron and folate.

I had two Weetbix biscuits with a cup of Almond milk. I topped it with a generous swirl of date syrup, and two heaped tablespoons of chia seeds.

Chia seeds are one of the latest health-food hypes, and for good reason. These tiny little beauties are nutritionally dense and loaded with Omega 3.

This was one yummy, healthy bowl of breakfast. Isn’t it rewarding when a little experimenting around the kitchen turns out better than you expected? I’m having this more often!


Day 18: My baby turns 4!

My little girl turned 4 on 18th Jan. Where did the time go? It seems like yesterday when this tiny newborn, wrapped in a bundle of white linen, was handed over to me in the delivery room. She has filled our lives with so much joy. Daughters are a blessing.

And they say a mother is born with every baby. I had to celebrate my four years of motherhood and indulge in the feasting. Bye, bye portion-control.

silver fox izad

Day 19: Steak feast at Silver Fox

If you’ve read my post on Silver Fox you know this was yet another disastrous day in terms of dieting!

day 17

Day 20: Lebanese Lunch

I ended up at the food-court at lunchtime again. Decided to have a light salad-based lunch, but whoa! This Lebanese salad was far from light with the delicious hummus and mouttabal dips on the side. I also love the taste of sumac (the dried red lemon powder used to add tanginess to Arabic dishes).

This salad lunch is a healthier option over burgers any day, but counting calories is another story.

El Chico - Guacamole watermarked

Day 21: Guacamole

I tried out El Chico’s Guacamole recipe and we had this with toasted pita bread while catching up on episodes of Suits. This was dinner for me! Pretty nutritious, but yet again a bummer with the calories!

So you see Week 3 has been quite disastrous in terms of calorie-control. You know I was better in Week 1 and Week 2! Promise to make up in the coming weeks, stay tuned!