A Delicious ‘Peace’ of Pie

I’ve been following the Delicious Peace of Mind blog for a while now, and the other day I asked them what they’d cook up for me if I paid them a visit.

They are enticing me with this very delicious looking Lemon Berry Pie. Read on for the recipe!


Meet Mladen & Milica, the adorable chefs behind the ‘Delicious Peace of Mind’ blog.


What is the ‘Delicious Peace of Mind’ blog all about?

Delicious Peace of Mind is a blog about our life changing transformation. Growing up, we never understood the belief that you cannot change your life and your habits. So, we set ourselves to show that it can be done. We want to help people to change their lives, become healthier and happier. And they can inspire others to do the same.

Tezzy’s coming over for a treat! What will you be serving me?

So, Tezzy we are enjoying your company on this lovely night. We know you are not vegan, but we are passionate raw vegans and we want to share our passion with you and get to know more about you, over the warm cup of tea and our Lemon Berry Pie.


For the crust we used: raw almonds, dates, coconut shavings and vanilla powder. We blended it all in a food processor until we got an ooey gooey texture which was transferred and pressed into the pie dish.


For filling we again used dates. We adore them! Also, we used soaked cashews, lemon juice and zest. That is the “white” part of filling, which, once blended, we put a part of it aside. In the remaining amount we added mixed berries.


The crust was glazed with the berry part of the filling and then, in no particular order, spoonfuls of the lemon and berry mixes were swirled in towards the center.


All in all, it took us about about half an hour to make this for you, with just enough time to chill in the fridge before we can welcome you in.


You will notice that we do not use measures, because we believe in creativity and often times, measures are so limiting to beauty of creative process.

Doesn’t this pie look absolutely divine?! And its far healthier than your usual sugar-laden varieties. What a delicious piece of pie!

Thank-you Mladen & Milica, I have to visit you guys real soon!