Edible Face Masks: The Chocolate Mask

Since you guys loved my post on the Edible Milk Mask so much, I decided to post another one. This time I’m using chocolate!

Chocolate face mask

This is yet another easypeasy, super cheap face mask loaded with beauty-enhancing goodness.

I believe if the ingredients are safe enough to eat, an edible mask only do miracles for the skin.

You just need 2 ingredients…

Chocolate face mask

Mix together 2 teaspoons of natural unsweetened cocoa powder and 2 teaspoons high quality, virgin coconut oil…


Once mixed, it will turn a beautiful glossy chocolate brown…


Caution: Apply this mask over a sink as the dripping can get messy!

This chocolate face mask is safe enough to use on the sensitive under-eye area and lips.

Keep your hair off your face.

Don’t you just love my look?!

Chocolate face mask

This chocolate face mask does not harden. I kept it on for approximately 20 minutes, then rinsed it off with warm water and patted my face dry.

The verdit: My face was moist enough to go without a moisturiser, and overall it gave me a dewy, glowing look.

Does it taste good you ask? Yes its a chocolate mask, but as we’re using unsweetened cocoa here, its pretty bitter. But hey, it won’t kill you if you eat it, infact it might even be good for you with all those antioxidants packed in!

Would I do this again? I think this mask is a great pick-me-up for tired, dry skin, so yes I’ll definately whip this up the next time I need it.

To really get full benefit out of this mask, ensure you use the finest unsweetened cocoa you can get your hands on (dark cocoa is even better) and pure extra virgin coconut oil that has not been hydrogenated or bleached, and is fragrance free.

Skin benefits from raw cocoa:

– Hydrates the skin.

– Alleviates skin damage.

– Slows down the skin aging process.

– Is packed with antioxidants.

I used Hershey’s 100% cacao powder (unsweetened).

And why use extra virgin coconut oil on the skin?

– It is high in saturated fats that keep skin smooth and supple.

– It is rich in Vitamin E and Lauric Acid, two major ingredients that make this oil a superstar when it comes to combatting wrinkles and premature aging.

– It works as a natural sunscreen minus any artificial additives.

– It has strong disinfectant and antimicrobial properties.

– Extra virgin coconut oil has a far milder and more pleasant scent than regular coconut oil.

– Coconut oil has a celebrity following, and if stunning stars like Gwyneth Paltrow use it, its good enough for me!

I used the FAIR brand below from Lulu Hypermarket (AED 24.50 for 500 ml):

Extra virgin coconut oil brand

Go on, give this a try!