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Tati, France’s favorite value retailer for all things home, fashion and family, joined hands with five-star property Nassima Royal Hotel for a bloggers’ baking event.

Tati is located on the 1st Floor of Mirdiff City Center, and was showcasing their very colorful, handy cookware range and what better way to do this than under the expert scrutiny of award-winning Pastry Chef Malith of Nassima Royal Hotel? 

Still wide-eyed with awe after our tour around the absolutely fascinating chocolate sculptures at Boutique Le Chocolat, we were invited in for a very hearty lineup of lunch at the adjacent Cocoa Kitchen.

Yet another innovative catering concept by the MERAAS group, the restaurant revolves around one simple mono-ingredient in every dish: cocoa. You find it here in every single course; from savory starters and mains, cocoa is not just reserved for dessert.

Walking into Cocoa Kitchen is like entering a secluded world of its own. The amber lighting enhances the cocoa vibes of the place, and the interior decor take inspiration from an old chocolate factory, complete with exposed industrial piping and an open-view kitchen right at the front.


Who doesn’t love chocolate? This brown slab of calorie-laden goodness manages to make all things right. If you are like me, you can easily scoff down an entire bar in a sitting. But at Boutique Le Chocolat, chocolate is taken to a whole new level of seriousness.


Proudly a home-grown concept created by the MERAAS group of companies, Boutique Le Chocolat boasts of housing 28 of the world’s most premium chocolate brands, with 60 more to come. And if you thought chocolate can only be dark, milk and white, I have news for you… they have a total of 700 different chocolate flavors, all under one roof! But this massive variety is only half the treat. At Boutique Le Chocolat, they take the ’boutique’ element of chocolate-making to new extremes!

My last blog post was all about Movember, and then I rediscovered this cute little silicone chocolate mould my sister had sent me from New Zealand. These are moustache moulds, how appropriate for #Movember!


It became our Saturday afternoon project, and my daughter is already halfway through the moustache stash as I type. Yikes! Expecting a major toddler sugar-high anytime soon!