Movember in November: Grow a Mo for your Bros

November is the hairiest month of the year, and for a good reason too. Last month saw us thinking pink for Breast Cancer Awareness, and this month sees thousands of men the world over sprouting moustaches in support of Movember.

movember movement

What is Movember?

Movember is a movement encouraging men to grow facial hair in the month of November. The aim is to raise awareness of men’s health, with particular emphasis on prostate cancer. Millions of men the world over have been taking part in this global phenomenon that adds a lighter side to a more serious topic, and the movement has helped raise a great deal of funds for cancer research.

A Hairy Tale

Movember in November‘ was conceptualized and created in Melbourne, Australia in 2003 when two friends, Travis Garone and Luke Slattery, met over drinks. They were discussing how the moustache had been clean-shaved off the fashion radar, and managed to get together 30 men who were up to the challenge of bringing it back.

movember history story beginnings 2003

They started off clean-shaven on 1st of November, and got sponsors for their mouche growth through the month. All proceeds were going to the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia.

By the end of November 2003, this enterprising group of 30 donated the largest single donation the PCFA had ever received!

Today, the Movember movement has spread to over 21 countries worldwide, and last year saw over five-million Mo Bros and Sistas participating. The numbers are sure to be phenomenally higher this year, and The Movember Foundation is now listed under the top 500 NGOs (non-governmental organisations) in the world.

For more on the Movember story, visit this link.

What is Prostrate Cancer?

The prostrate gland resembles a chestnut, and can be found just below the urinary bladder.

Prostrate Cancer is the most common cancer among men, and has no symptoms whatsoever until it spreads. However, the good news is, like breast cancer, early detection can save lives.

Take the month of November as an excuse to get checked. Make a donation. Grow a mouche.

How You Can Help

Grow a Mo’ for the Bros! Register on and put the moustache back on the fashion map! The site also lists a number of ways you can get more donations for your efforts, click here. If you can’t grow a mouche, its all good too… become a Mo Sista! Spread the word online, support your Mo Bros, donate!

movember in november

Donate! Help out a friend who’s sprouting a moustache this month. Donate, spread the word! This month, I’m supporting my bro Sanjay Saikia who’s growing a stylish mo across the ditch in Canada. Very groovy don’t you think?! He’s aiming to raise $300 by the end of this month. Please help him beat this target, and click on his pic. donate for movember grow a mo for your bro november prostrate cancer donation research

Moustache Inspirations

So far, the handlebar has been the most popular choice of mo for Movember. Choose a mouche for your mug:

movember moustache ideas

Need even more inspiration for the perfect Movember mouche? I’m leaving you with tips from funny man Nick Offerman. Grow a Mo for your Bros!