Chocolate Moustaches for #Movember

My last blog post was all about Movember, and then I rediscovered this cute little silicone chocolate mould my sister had sent me from New Zealand. These are moustache moulds, how appropriate for #Movember!


It became our Saturday afternoon project, and my daughter is already halfway through the moustache stash as I type. Yikes! Expecting a major toddler sugar-high anytime soon!


Since we Mo Sistas can’t grow a moustache, we can always indulge in ones made of chocolate! These little beauties were far too easy to make.

All I did was dunk a whole pack of Hershey’s Semi-Sweet chocolate chips in a microwave-proof bowl, add 3 tablespoons of milk, and microwave it on ‘high’ for 30 seconds. I gave it a good stir, and re-microwaved for another 30 seconds.


The melted chocolate was spooned into the moulds, and refrigerated for an hour.

Here’s a closeup of the final product:


If you don’t have moustache moulds, look out for other silicone mould shape and get creative! Try it out with different types of chocolate, add flavors to the mix. I’m thinking up some ideas for Christmas already 🙂