Chocolak: A Very Sweet Surprise

Chocaholics rejoice. Chocolak, an online distributor of premium chocolate, is now open for business! Forget the usual supermarket range, we are talking premium highly indulgent chocolate treats here, the kind you really wouldn’t want to share… not even with your kids!



About Chocolak

Chocolak is an online store offering a very premium range of chocolates. The range includes a besotted collection of European chocolate brands including Vestri, Cartoccio, Amore, Cassata  and Nocciolato.

Best of all, Chocolak is open for deliveries across the globe! Great way to send a sweet surprise to a loved one anywhere internationally.

Indulge the chocaholic in you, or surprise a loved one with an array of decadent treats! Deliveries are completed within 24 hours of ordering.


How to Order

Log on to The online store accepts all major credit cards.


The Range

With a price range stretching from USD $10.99 all the way to USD $99.94, Chocolak offers premium chocolate to fit a wide range of budgets.

The range includes a very indulgent, carefully picked out assortment of the finest European chocolatiers. One such brand is Vestri, an Italian chocolatier hailing from Florence with over three decades of expertise. With Chocolak, you now have access to many ‘not so easy to find’ brands!



With premium chocolates, Chocolak also provides exceptionally premium service! Deliveries are completed within 24 hours of ordering, and the products come in an insulated box, incased with layers of black ice to ensure they reach in the best possible condition.

black ice

I ordered my chocolates last Tuesday evening, and they were at my doorstep before noon the next day. It arrived in a large Aramex box, and I was rather baffled as I was expecting a smaller parcel (I’d only ordered two small treats). Upon tearing open the box, I found my tins of Vestri were as cool as if they’d just come out of a fridge! Ofcourse I indulged in some right away 🙂


Tezzy Recommends

I ordered the Vestri Lovebites Riccetti and the Vestri Lovebite Perle Di Toscana. Both were indulgently delicious, and I love the keepsake tins I got in the bargain!

However, if I have to pick a favorite of the two, I’d have to go with the Toscana, a 190 gram tin of four varieties of truffles including pistachio, pearl, almond and hazelnut. Super smooth and creamy, each of these truffles are a luxurious treat you wouldn’t want to share!

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