10 Tricks for Looking More ALIVE in the Morning #NotAMorningPerson

Although we are recommended a total of 8 hours of sleep each night, I’m lucky if I hit 6 on most weeknights. I am definitely not a morning person, but I’ve managed to stow away a few nifty tricks up my sleeves on how to fool the world into believing otherwise. Here’s my top 10:

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  1. Break the Fast: Eating something as soon as your wake up kick starts your metabolism. If you have time to sit down for breakfast, that is great! Another option is to whip up a healthful smoothie (include all the superfoods you can get your hands on). I would also recommend eating 1 spoon of extra virgin coconut oil; it fills you up, is loaded with nutrition, and the good fats keep the skin young and supple.
  2. Drink Dark Coffee: If you really need a wakeup call, drink a shot of espresso. Just don’t have it on an empty stomach as it can affect the delicate stomach lining. I am currently addicted to Green Coffee. Other days, I switch back to Matchabenefits of matcha green tea where to buy in dubai tealand the tezzy files dubai food blog
  3. Exfoliate: A mild scrub is a great way to remove debris and dead skin cells, and the exfoliation action also stimulates blood circulation on the face, making you look more refreshed and awake. I am currently obsessed with the Khadi Natural Rose, Apricot & Walnut Herbal Exfoliating Facial ScrubThis scrub has just the right amount of ‘rough’ to be used on a daily basis, and smells divinely sweet. The scent, coupled with the creamy roughness is a morning ritual I look forward to in the morning. Khadi Natural Rose Apricot Walnut Herbal Exfoliating Facial natural beauty blog the tezzy files skincare dubai uae india (2).jpg
  4. Use a Good Under-Eye Cream: The skin under our peepers is the most delicate of all, and lack of care makes it the first tell-tale sign of aging. Once you hit the early 30’s, its worth investing in a good under-eye cream. I have been using the Shiseido White Lucent Anti Dark Circles Under Eye CreamShiseido may be hefty on the pocket, but the brand invests in a great deal of research and fine ingredients, and this wee pot has lasted me a good 6 months. ‘Infusing freshness and radiance into the eye area, this intensive eye cream effectively targets two major causes of dark circles: pigmentation and poor microcirculation. Blue and brown dark circles are visibly reduced over time for a youthful look. The smooth, gentle texture is perfect for the delicate eye contour.’ – Shiseido website. shiseido White Lucent Anti Dark Circles Under Eye Cream Review The Tezzy Files Dubai Beauty Blog UAE Blogger Sephora Middle East Skincare.jpg
  5. Conceal: A great concealer is a must for bedheads. Disguise dark circles, cover up blemishes, and no one can tell the difference. One of my personal favorites is the Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Complete Coverage ConcealerClick here for a makeup look I created using this product.
  6. Wear Bright Lipstick: This is an open secret… bright red lipstick covers a multitude of sins, makes the teeth look whiter, the wearer more confident. My red lipstick staple is the MAC Chili. Its bold without being overly loud, and can easily transition from the office to a night about town. mac-chili-lipstick-review-swatches-beauty-blog-the-tezzy-files-dubai-uae-lifestyle-cosmetics-blogger
  7. Organize Your Weekly Wardrobe: Keep your stress levels to a minimum by planning ahead. Put together a capsule wardrobe for the entire week. It will also help you assess which wardrobe pieces are most versatile, and which need to make way for something new.
  8. Stay Hydrated: You’ve heard this all too often, but make it happen by keeping a bottle of water handy at all times. Make your on fruit water by adding a few slices of fruit to your bottle for variation.
  9. Listen to Happy Music: Crank up the volume on the long commute to work. Happy tunes make you hum along, and raise optimism levels for the rest of the day.
  10. Breathe: Practice gratitude. Breathe in the fresh morning air. Think of all the possibilities a brand new day can bring.