MAC Chili Lipstick Review

I am an all-out lipstick junkie, and can be pretty experimental with my choices. To me, a bright pout screams confidence, and I am as comfortable sporting a nude as I am a perky purple, and even a goth-inspired black.

However, even if you shy away from color, chances are you own a red lipstick (or two… or ten!). One of my favorite brands for lipsticks is MAC Cosmetics, especially their matte range. Their color range is wide and varied, and many of their shades have become iconic the world over. For reds, the MAC Ruby Woo and Russian Red are shades that are (literally) on every girl’s lips, but one that is not as talked of is the MAC Chili.


I carry my MAC Chili lipstick wherever I go, and the other day I realized it is definitely one of my most worn shades as I bought mine under a year ago, and already need a replacement!

Like all MAC lipsticks, it comes in the signature gunmetal bullet-shaped packaging. Compact as it is stylish, the MAC lipsticks also have a characteristic vanilla scent that I love.

Their matte range of lipsticks are beautifully pigmented. Just one coat gives you enough colour. However, to make it last longer, I always blot the first layer with tissue, and apply a second coat. This seems to work for me, and lasts a good 6 to 8 hours through a work day.


A Closer Look at the MAC Chili Lipstick

When I think ‘Chili’, I think bright (like tropical bright) red. However, the MAC Chili lipstick is not a true red. Instead, I would compare its shade to a bowl of Mexican Chile Con Carne… this is a red lipstick that steers more towards the orange-brown spectrum. It is red with a sunburn!

To me, this is a shade that looks incredible on tanned complexions, and if you are into bronzers, this lipstick will really make it look put together.

The MAC Chili Lipstick is a shade that is versatile enough to be worn from day to night, and this is what makes it a must-have in the makeup bag.

As the shade is highly pigmented, it can get a little messy taking it off. I would recommend using extra virgin coconut oil on some cotton wool; works like a charm for removing even the most stubborn of makeup products.


What I LOVE About the MAC Chili Lipstick

  • The colour! Given its orange-brown hue, this is a very versatile red that looks amazing on tanned complexions.
  • It is matte without the dryness.
  • It lasts for hours!


The Negatives

  • Although the shade is highly pigmented, you really do need to apply, blot and reapply a second layer if you want it to last an entire day out.
  • This lipstick can be messy to remove. However, using good old coconut oil works perfectly well for me!


Product Pricing & Availability

MAC lipsticks are available across the UAE in MAC stores, and the MAC Matte Lipstick range costs AED 104 each.