Luxury Camping at Bin Majid Beach Hotel

Imagine a bonfire by the beach, a tent on the sandy shores, the waft of a decadent grill… and all this inclusive of the amenities of a 4-star hotel.

The weather is absolutely perfect for camping outdoors, but why take the hassle of setting up base when Bin Majid Beach Hotel has you covered?

Last weekend we had the pleasure of being a part of one of the most unique hotel ventures in the UAE… the Bin Majid Beach Camp.

If you follow me on Instagram, you might have already seen my stories. The shores of the beach were lined with a total of 40 tents varying from couple-sized to ones that can comfortably house four.

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My little girl was absolutely psyched with the tent! Complete with hotel room amenities, plush pillows and throws and dreamy twinkling lights, the interiors of out tent was something out of an exotic fairy-tale. And then there was the lull of the sea… absolutely magical.

Right outside the row of tents, tables lined with chequered linen were set up for a feast. Live stations featured chefs grilling whole lamb, skewered kebabs and baked potatoes. A row of ethnic-style clay pots were filled with Arabic and Indian curries, and there was also a section for fresh mussel.

The beautifully breezy weather makes it an ideal spot for a drink or two. The dinner includes a bar section with a selection of spirits, and the bartender can also fix up a cocktail of your liking.

And they even have shisha! That was the highlight of the night for my husband.

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Post dinner, a large-format screen was set up for a movie under the stars. We watched a bit of ‘Beauty & the Beast’ and headed back to enjoy our gorgeous tent.

The camping facilities includes male and female port-a-loos and showers. For a night by the beach, I’d suggest wearing something warm, and sandals are the best form of footwear given you’ll be treading on sand.

We woke up to a breathtaking scene of the sea, and the morning was beautifully sunny with a refreshing hit of chill. Breakfast is set up on-camp from 7 am, and the buffet covers most of the items you would find at a regular hotel stay. However they also have a barbeque section where you can have a go at grilling up your own sausages, and the Chef here cleverly concocted a French Toast that was grilled onsite.

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My favorite part about the breakfast was the juice section. I discovered a freshly squeezed orange and ginger drink that I couldn’t get enough of, and they also had my favorite… fresh beetroot juice!

But the camping and the food is only half the story. The package includes an entire list of activities to keep you and the family entertained the entire morning:

  • Sunrise yoga
  • Kayaking
  • Egg Hunt for the children
  • Beach Volleyball
  • Boccia
  • Kite Flying
  • Sea-View Aerobics

Many campers had a go at kayaking right after breakfast. My little girl went off to the kid’s activity section where they had organised an egg hunt for kids. I felt a little bummed I over-slept and missed out on the yoga class.

If you are a beach lover like me, you’d probably be just satiated enough being by the waves and taking in all that Vitamin-Sea. The area is manned by a lifeguard, and a portion is sectioned off for safe swimming. And ofcourse they have beach decks to lie back and relax.


Checkout is as late as 2 pm, so you really do get the entire morning at the beach.

The Bin Majid Beach Hotel Camp is such a clever idea, and so apt for this gorgeous weather we are enjoying right now. The package is all-inclusive, and starts as low as AED 599 for a couple. Perfect getaway for Valentines I’d suggest!

For bookings and more details, visit the Bin Majid website by clicking here. This is surely a staycation like no other!