Sun of a Beach: the humble beach towel gets a fashion makeover

Sun of a Beach: Cheekily named to sound like a profanity you can’t forget, this artsy beach towel brand is set to create waves in the UAE this season.

When packing up for a day by the sea, fashionistas usually ensure their beachwear is up to the mark. The girls at Sun of a Beach took the fashion element a few notches up, and decided to revamp the humble beach towel into a coveted fashion masterpiece.

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Sun of a Beach was cofounded by designer friends Melina Pispa and Ellie Rountou. Growing up in Greece and enjoying the beautiful, iconic beaches throughout their childhood, the girls channeled their creative inspirations from previous experiences in the fashion world to recreate the look and feel of beach towels as we know it.
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Melina Pispa & Ellie Rountou
1. What an interesting name, so tongue-in-cheek cheeky! How did you come up with it?
We wanted an international “catchy” name. A name that you cannot easily forget! The sun and the beach are the two basic ingredients of the ultimate summer and the phrase itself creates laughter and happy feelings, which is our final goal.
In Greece life is measured in summers gone by and beaches not as yet conquered. All the way back to our haziest childhood memories there are images of spectacular beaches, mind blowing sunsets and the all encompassing sea. From swimming to our very own secret hideaways while our parents weren’t looking, to chasing waves many times our size, we always felt that the sun and the beach belonged to us.
2.The idea of making a beach towel a fashion accessory is genius! Please tell us more on how your gorgeous designs have elevated the humble towel to fashion status.
Firstly by creating an innovative product. Secondly through its identity, which creates a very special, attractive and complete customer experience. The Sun of a Beach towel is a combination of premium quality cotton terry fabric and printed cotton poplin inspired by the arts, cultural events, fashion trends and Mediterranean elements. Also inspired by long, hot summers on the Greek beaches, for the purpose of building a summer lifestyle brand.
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3. What inspires the designs and color schemes of your products? Who are the artists behind these?
Sun of a Beach was actually born by the sea! In 2012, Ellie and Melina, the designers and founders ofSun of a Beach” identified a gap in the beachwear/swimwear market and decided to develop the traditional beach towel into an innovative, fresh, fashion accessory. The idea was actually conceptualized during summertime, on the beach!
4. Apart from their fabulous designs, what makes Sun of a Beach stand out from other beach towels in the market?
The Sun of a Beach towel is not only a flawless high quality towel.
We want our products to become worldwide ambassadors of the essence of summer, the sun, the beach, the islands and the energy with which we experience it, here in Greece. We want to create an international lovebrand.
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5. Where can we buy Sun of a Beach towels in the UAE, and how much do they retail for?
You will find Sun of a Beach at Bloomingdale’s and Harvey Nichols at the Resort Department. As for the price range you can find our beach towels from 95euros to 13Oeuros.
6. What have you got in store for 2016?
Our 2O16 Collection once again inspired by the infinite inspiration the Greek summer has to offer, which led us to the creation of vibrant and resourceful designs, while in our effort to raise awareness about three endangered marine species -lobster, hippocampus and tuna- in the Mediterranean, we also created a limited edition of towels in our 2O16 Collection featuring these species and 10% of the profits to be generated  by the sales of those towels will be donated to WWF.
For our true beach loungers in Dubai we made sure to select the best of our brand’s new line (Collection 2016), which they can find at Harvey Nichols and Bloomingdale’s.


Much like in Bruce Brown’s iconic 60’s film, “The Endless Summer”, where two surfers hop from country to country, following the summer as the earth revolves around the sun, these towels hope to be travelers, country-hoppers and adventurers, living an endless summer in your hands.