Gosh Cosmetics Lip Oil Review

For centuries, natural oils have always been a part of beauty rituals across many cultures. Beauty advocates have stressed on the importance of weekly hot oil treatments for the hair, and in the recent past, there has been a huge influx of facial oils in the market.

Being quite the pioneer in the beauty business, Gosh Cosmetics has created a brand new oil-based product, specifically for lips. It is rather surprising we haven’t seen this earlier; lips are, afterall, the most susceptible to dryness and chapping. Introducing the Gosh Cosmetics Lip Oil, a must-have for enviably soft, smooth lips!

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Product Claim

Formulated with a very special blend of precious oils, the Gosh Cosmetics Lip Oil promises to deeply moisturize the lips, and keep them plump, smooth and youthful.


Key Ingredients

  • Argan Oil
  • Macadamia Oil
  • Moringa and Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil
  • It also contains VITASKIN® E which is a regenerating, rehydrating and revitalizing ingredient, specially formulated in the labs of Gosh Cosmetics.


Tezzy’s Experience with the Gosh Cosmetics Lip Oil

I was quite intrigued by this product. Being a huge fan of matte lipsticks, maintaining smooth, well hydrated lips is a must for me. According to the instructions, the Gosh Cosmetics Lip Oil is to be used as a night-time treatment before heading off to bed.

The Gosh Cosmetics Lip Oil glides on like a lip gloss, and does not have the dripping oily texture of a regular oil. It stays put on the lips, and I could feel the moisturizing effects almost instantly.

The Gosh Cosmetics Lip Oil  has become a night-time treat for my lips, especially after being smothered in not-so-hydrating lipsticks all day long.

By morning, I wake up to really smooth, plump-looking hydrated lips which makes lipstick applications all the more pleasurable.

I have even reached out for this lip oil during the day, in place of my regular lip balm.

My tube looks very red, and it has the shade ‘Rose 003’ printed on the top. However, I cannot notice any coloring when I wear it. I wonder if it comes in more shades?


Why I Love the Gosh Cosmetics Lip Oil

  • Loaded with precious hydrating oils.
  • Really hydrates the lips, making them unbelievably soft, smooth and plump.
  • Makes lipstick application a breeze!


The Negatives

  • It looks really red, but doesn’t deliver any color. I would prefer it sans any coloring and use it solely as a lip moisturizing product.


Where to Buy the Gosh Cosmetics Lip Oil

Gosh Cosmetics products are available in Lifestyle stores across the UAE.