Mazina Superhero Brunch (The Address Hotel, Dubai Marina)

Just a week after I wrote a post entitled ‘3 Weekend Brunches Your Kids Will Love‘, we found ourselves at the Mazina Superhero Brunch at The Address Marina (Dubai), and I think this one definitely tops that list! Centrally located with a sprawling space extending to both indoor and outdoor seating, Mazina takes on the avatar of superheroes every Saturday between 12 noon to 3.30 pm.

You see superhero cutouts as you walk into the restaurant, and even the pretty hostesses are dressed in theme. My daughter got particularly fond of a lovely lady there by the name of Shay, who she nicknamed ‘Spiderman’s Wife’ (as she wore a Spidy dress).

As parents, this brunch is a godsend! They have a large, spacious area dedicated to children, complete with bouncy castles, face painting and a rather extensive buffet dedicated to the little ones. Many of the little tots were dressed up as their favorite superheroes, and it was absolutely adorable seeing this mini world of comic cons!

For my tot, Mini Mouse is also considered superhero material!

The kid’s buffet includes the usual finger foods like pizza, sausages and sandwiches, and also has two different varieties of pasta. They even have Nutella sachets, and an abundance of Baskin Robbins cups! All that sugar makes all these mini super heroes jump even higher on that bouncy castle!

Best of all, the kids area is supervised at all times, and despite having a table at the other end of Mazina, I felt at ease leaving my little one to play by herself. Within the first 15 minutes, she had already formed a new circle of friends and it was near impossible to get her out of that area. Don’t you envy kids, and their ‘super power’ at making friends so easily?!

Back to the grownup section of the Mazina Superhero Brunch… the buffet selection is absolutely massive! This intercontinental spread has something for everyone. There is a bar at the front, dedicated to a wide array of interesting mocktails as well as alcoholic beverages.

Virgin Pina Colada & Raspberry Mojito


Then they have a salad section with a lineup of healthy, raw grub. This counter also has a comprehensive bread and cheese stand, and the aroma of fresh baking can guide your nostrils here with no qualms at all.




Sushi lovers are spoilt for choice at this brunch. I went a little overboard with their salmon sashimi 🙂

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And if you’re into seafood, chances are you will be pretty glued to this counter!



If you fancy some Indian, the Mazina Superhero Brunch has an array of curries, kebabs and vegetarian options.


Carnivores rejoice. In true superhero style, this counter is heaving with all sorts of drool-worthy proteins.


They also have a separate, well segregated section for those who eat pork.



My favorite section of the Mazina Superhero Brunch was their Asian counter. They have a live counter for Peking Duck Rolls, and the suspended roasted ducks gave me the vibes of being in China Town.

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The Asian section also has a wide variety of dimsums to keep your chopsticks clicking.


Those with a sweet tooth will go gaga over the desserts section. They have a chocolate fountain, an enticing selection of warm puddings, macaroons, cakes and sweet breads, and an entire refrigerated section of very pretty looking pastries.


With so many options to stack up your plate, you really would need superhero powers to try out each and every dish at this buffet. Here are my personal favorites:

From the mocktails, I really liked the one they call ‘Summer Cooler’. This fizzy number has a ginger ale base, and the slight twang of lychee and citrus.



From the carnivorous section, this giant serving of Lamb Shank with Couscous is absolutely divine! The meat is just falling off the bone, and I liked having it with the mildly spiced Mediterranean-style couscous, complete with the nutty crunch of pralines.




At the Asian counter, I discovered a mushroom dish who’s exact name I cannot recall. The mushrooms are deliciously moist and tender, and coated with an exotic soya sauce base. It has been stir-fried with wilted greens, and I must have add atleast three refills of this dish.



From the desserts section, I really liked their beautifully fluffy, light Raspberry Mousse, but the crown goes to the Hazelnut Cake. The Hazelnut Cake is not a cake at all. It is essentially a milk chocolate casing, studded with finely ground hazelnut, and has a sinfully rich, decadent hazelnut mousse filling. I absolutely devoured this dessert! A must-try for chocolate-hazelnut lovers.



With our little girl busy in her own world of superheroes, it was rather zen having a quiet table to ourselves with adult conversation in full flow. Why can’t more restaurants around Dubai be this accommodating?

The service at Mazina is also first-class. Our server for the afternoon was a very friendly young man called Mahmoud, and he ensured our drinks were never empty and kept getting us new, enticing mocktails to keep us quenched. I was especially pleased with the supervision provided at the children’s area. As a rather paranoid mummy, I made a few trips to spy on my little one and each time, I returned to my table satisfied knowing my little Mini Mouse was in safe hands, and having a ball of a time herself.

The food at the Mazina Superhero Brunch is as impressive as the service. Oftentimes, a buffet is a hit and miss, with a number of mediocre dishes masked under a star dish or two. Despite catering to a massive spread well suited for a superhero appetite, the Mazina brunch does not compromise on quality and taste. Although I really cannot fathom trying out each and every dish on offer, I cannot fault anything I tried. Everything was super-duper delicious!

The Mazina Superhero Brunch runs from 12 noon to 3.30 pm every Saturday, and costs AED 315 per head (with soft drinks) and AED 440 with house beverages. The restaurant is located on the Ground Floor of The Address Hotel (Dubai Marina), with easy access from Marina Mall. Call 04 4371652 for details.


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