“Life is like a bowl of spaghetti. Every once in a while, you get a meatball.” – Sharon Creech.

In the famous words of American children’s author Sharon Creech, if meatballs are the poetic reference of euphoric highs in life, Meatballerz is a wee slice of paradise!

Located in a very quiet corner of the Dubai Marina promenade (on the ground floor of Marina View Towers), Meatballerz is Dubai-grown concept pioneered by banker turned restaurateur Dipesh Babani.

The quirky New York-style interiors features a juice bar at the front, tongue in cheek quotes, as well as a retro-style meat grinder that had my little one rather curious.

‘Ruya’ translates to ‘dream’, a very apt name for one of Dubai’s most anticipated new restaurants, located in the very luxe Grosvenor House (Marina Dubai). This very stylish new Turkish restaurant pays homage to the rich culinary history of the Anatolian region.

Headed by Chef Colin Clague who has some very reputed names under his belt (including the iconic Burj Al Arab, Jean Georges Dubai, Qbara and Zuma), the dishes here are as artistic as the venue itself.

The expansive interiors are done up with a great deal of panache. Dimly lit, suave and chic, the ambiance is all at once inviting and posh.  From the traditional oven to the Cag Kebap grill, and the beautifully intricate mosaic in spurts of turquoise, a few typically Turkish accents add a touch of the exotic to the space. Ruya is a restaurant, lounge and bar, and also features an open terrace, boasting of a very scenic view of the Dubai Marina.


Just a week after I wrote a post entitled ‘3 Weekend Brunches Your Kids Will Love‘, we found ourselves at the Mazina Superhero Brunch at The Address Marina (Dubai), and I think this one definitely tops that list! Centrally located with a sprawling space extending to both indoor and outdoor seating, Mazina takes on the avatar of superheroes every Saturday between 12 noon to 3.30 pm.

“Are we really going to drive that far just to have hotdogs?!” This was my husband whining for the umpteenth time as we took yet another turn that got us lost into the urban jungle of Dubai Marina.

The Hotdog Stand is relatively easy to find with the help of our trusty GPS (the coordinates are 25.069795, 55.133140), but when we found no parking in the vicinity, we ended up on the highway towards Abu Dhabi!

When we finally got to the restaurant, flustered and half an hour late, the staff tell us they have parking! You just need to honk at the front or call them on 800 HOTDOG, and they will have you sorted. Lesson learnt; always ask about the parking facilities when trying out a new restaurant!