Laurent Mazzone: meet the heart & soul behind LM Parfums!

LM Parfums, named after Laurent Mazzone, the heart and soul of the brand, was established in 2010. Based on the purest French perfumery traditions, the brand boasts of an immense portfolio of luxury scents that blend the best of notes creating uniquely exciting combinations that play on the imagination.

Today we talk to the man himself. Laurent Mazzone had a stint as a DJ, worked in the world of fashion, and has now immersed himself in the field he has been most passionate about since childhood. Here he gives us a glimpse into the creative world of perfumery, and tells us how he self-taught himself into becoming one of the world’s most sought-after newcomers in the game of scents.

laurent mazone interviewYou started off as a fashion designer, and had a successful line of boutiques. What was the biggest motivation behind getting solely into perfumery?

I was in love with fragrances since I was a 6 year old kid. I used to mix the perfumes of my mother, trying to create new scents. Therefore, the idea of making my own brand had always been on my mind but it took me a lot of time before I could transform this idea into reality because I had to find the best way possible to express my thoughts and feelings into frangrances.

Do you have a formal educational background in scents, or are you self-taught?

No I do not have any formal educational background in fragrances.

How is the world of fashion and perfumery related? And has a stint in the fashion world made it easier for starting your own fragrance line?

For me, the creation of my fragrances are all based on my own feelings and emotions and unlike many other brands, I do not link my brand to fashion, even if the two fields can easily be linked. They both are a world of luxury and taste and therefore can be linked but it is not the case for me. However, my boutiques enabled me to discover the success of my brands and see which scents have more success than others. In the beginning I did my brand only to sell the products in my own boutiques.

You claim to turn the ‘atmosphere of your imagination’ into a fragrance. Please share this creative process with us.

Indeed, as mentioned, all my fragrances are based on some personal feelings and emotions that either I always had inside myself or that I felt in a particular situation or moment of my life. Therefore, whenever I create a fragrance, I smell it and smell it again until I feel that it reflects the emotion or feeling I have in mind. This is rather difficult to explain as it is 100% based on an abstract idea.

You must have the most vivid dreams! Which one of these has been the most influential for the LM Parfums range?

As all my fragrances are based on personal feelings, I cannot say that one is more influential than the other. Indeed, each reference is linked to a feeling or thought and so if it exists today it is because the feeling or thought has been important enough to become a perfume.

Your promotional imagery for ‘Hard Leather’ hints towards hard-core bondage, and the ones for ‘Army of Lovers’ continues on the leather theme, albeit in tamer suede tonalities. Would it be safe to say you have a leather fetish? If so, how does this influence you as a perfumer?

It is not at all question of being a “leather fetish”. Leather is just one of the materials I love most, to wear, to touch or to smell. It is the same with Oud or Musk that I like a lot.

Was “Army of Lovers” named after the Swedish band?

Yes… as you know, I started my career as a DJ and music is an important part of my life. I have always loved and respected the creations of the group Army of Lovers and this fragrance is linked to this respect and to the emotions I have had with their music.

LM Parfums army of lovers

Where do you get the names for your scents?

I choose them myself … in a way for them to express well the feeling hiding behind the fragrance.

Was “Black Oud” made specifically for this region? If so, what scent personifies your Italian roots?

As already mentioned all my fragrances are based on personal emotions, feelings and raw material that I love personally. Therefore, my creations do not follow any trend and I do not wish to make scents to attract this or that region more than others. I do scents for myself but of course am happy if certain people or region like them just as much as I do.

LM Parfums Black Oud

How does marketing perfumes to the Gulf differ from the European market?

Once again, I cannot reply precisely to this question because my fragrances are not marketing oriented. Therefore, when I developed my brand, I did not do it with a marketing vision. Many think that some scents such as Aoud work better in the Middle East. I am not sure if this is the case. I just think that a perfume must be sincere and if it is the case, it will surely find its own market.

Where can we buy LM Perfums in the UAE?

LM Parfums can be found in the Sephora shops of the region and in some very special points of sales dedicated to artistic brands.