Murad Perfecting Serum

Beauty hoarders need no introduction to Dr. Murad. A board-certified dermatologist from the States, Dr. Murad has been formulating cutting-edge technology for skincare for the past 30 years, and has made various appearances on television. The age-old quest for a flawless complexion has a savoir; Dr. Murad has beautiful skin down to a science.

The Ultimate measure of youthful good health is each cell’s ability to hold water. – Dr. Howard Murad.

I have been trying out a few products from the Murad range, and today I am going to share my review on the Murad Perfecting Serum with you.

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The Murad Perfecting Serum falls under the Murad ‘Age Reform’ category. This group of products are designed to combat fine lines and wrinkles, and brighten a dull, dry complexion.

The Murad Perfecting Serum promise:

Hydrates and refines the complexion by locking in hydration and reviving natural moisture levels. Replenishes hydration, soothes sensitivity and restores supple skin.

Key ingredients in Murad Perfecting Serum:

  • Squalane, derived from olives, promises to intensely hydrate and smoothen the skin.
  • Avocado and Evening Primrose Oils promise to help skin retain vital moisture levels.
  • Ceramides promise to reduce flaking, and restore suppleness.

murad perfecting serum review

I am in my mid thirties, and by self-diagnosis I would say my skin is normal to dry. My skin definitely loves added moisture, and this serum sounded like the perfect product to use under my usual moisturizer and makeup.

The Murad Perfecting Serum is a clear gel with a velvety, silicon-like feel. On first application, I thought it might be a bit too rich for my skin, and it has a slight sheen. However, this quickly absorbs into the skin, and leaves the skin looking smooth and primed.

I have been using the Murad Perfecting Serum after cleansing and toning my face, and I follow it up with a moisturizer or sunscreen.

When using makeup, the serum seems to help even out the complexion and acts like a moisture shield all day long.

My skin seems to love the Murad Perfecting Serum. I have been using it for two weeks now, and I love how hydrated and soft my skin feels when I’m using it.

The only downside of this product is the price tag. Retailing at approximately AED 250 for a 30 ml bottle, the Murad Perfecting Serum falls in the ‘luxury’ category. However, a little goes a long way. You just need a wee little squirt per application.

I would definitely recommend this product for dry skin, and for combatting your very first wrinkles. Oily skin-types might find it a little too hydrating, and can consider products from Murad’s ‘Anti-Aging Acne’ range.

Keep watching this space for more reviews on the Murad range!

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