I am Trouble by KC is yet another unique fashion label to be showcasing at the Numaish Summer Show on 29th – 30th April (at Hotel Conrad). With a name that spells ‘trouble’, this fun, quirky brand has a notoriously colourful range of unique fashion clothing, footwear and accessories for men and women. Designer- Kunal

‘I am Trouble by KC’ was conceptualized and created in Delhi by the suave, young Kunal Chatterjee. Let’s have a chitchat with him on his take on fashion, and what his spunky brand has in store for the Numaish Summer Show.

The Numaish Summer Show is set to entice fashionistas with a whole new array of designer fashion. One of the newest designers to showcase their wares at the Numaish show (scheduled to run from 29 to 30th April in Hotel Conrad) is the young, talented Hirika Jagani who self-named line promises to add a touch of seasonal freshness to your wardrobe.

hirika jagani image
Hirika Jagani

logo.jpgTranslate Handwoven Ikat is an Indian fashion and home decor brand that was conceptualized and created by Vinita and Vikas Passary. This unique concept takes traditional ikat weaves, and recreates contemporary wear for women.

‘Translate’ will be showcasing their latest collection at the Numaish Summer Show (at Hotel Conrad, from 29 – 30th April 2016).

I had a chat with co-founder Vinita Passary. Read on to learn more about this eclectic Indo-Western brand, and the summer styles we need to look out for in Summer 2016.

NUMAISH®, the UAE’s highly anticipated fashion exhibition covering the season’s most besotted Indian and Indo-Western designer pieces is doing a comeback with a Numaish Summer Show. This time round, it will be a 2-day affair running from 29th to 30th April, and will be held at Hotel Conrad, Dubai (11 am – 9 pm).

I am super excited to announce I have once again partnered up with Numaish as their official blogging partner 🙂 Expect to see quite a few posts on The Tezzy Files covering the eminent designers who will be showcasing their collections at the show.

numaish official blogger 2016

Spring, the youthfully trendy fashion brand, has a special affiliation with this season. They are, after all, named after spring, the season of early blooms, lazy sunshine and laid-back days by the beach.

I’ve been browsing their online store, especially their accessories section, and it got me lusting for a whole load of things for spring. Here’s a compilation of my Top 10 Must-Haves for Spring, from Spring 🙂

The beautifully breezy ‘winter’ days in Dubai are slowly but surely sweltering out. Although we do not have an official ‘spring’ season this part of the world (think summer, hotter summer and a mild, breezy winter!), the fashion police make it a point we are dressed up all pretty for this elusive season.

This fashionably Spring season, Pinko is reintroducing the floral femininity of the sixties and seventies. Their playful dresses showcase botanical motifs in swirling fabrics and ladylike silhouettes. These make me want to delve into elaborate tea parties and take out all that fine china from the cupboard!

retro pink

The taboo linked to tattooing is progressively fading (pun intended!). A great deal of discrimination has been linked to the inked. Tattoo enthusiasts have often been stereotyped as society outcasts, and even today, we are prone to hiding our tats in formal settings, especially the workplace.

Your body is your canvas, if you want to decorate it with tattoos, its totally your business! I’ve recently had my second one done, and thought I’d share my experience with you.

getting a tattoo tips and things to consider tattoo design hygiene tattoo care tattoo location colour tattoos

I am super excited about the upcoming Winter Show by Numaish! Scheduled to be held at Al Murooj Rotana on 19th December, this is a must-visit event for all you ladies out there who want a unique designer piece for your wardrobe.N&S GAIA at Numaish Dubai fashion brand meghalaya (2)

Of all the designers coming to the show, I have a soft corner for N&S GAIA. Not only does this brand have an environmental conscience, but they are main ethos lies in reviving the craftsmanship of the weaving community in Meghalaya.

The Numaish Winter Show, the much-awaited exhibition of India’s most promising designers, is set to take place on 19th December at Al Murooj Rotana, Dubai.

Silvense is a gorgeous range of contemporary jewelry. The pieces are minimalist, yet bold and follow funky, unexpected geometric designs that are altogether unique and very chic. Great news; you can shop their latest collection firsthand at the Numaish Winter Show!

I had a chat with the jewelry designer behind the brand, the very lovely Vrindaa Ashwani herself. Read on to see what she has in store for Numaish.

roshni chopra jewelry silvisense
Vrindaa Ashwani (on the right) seen here with the stunning actress Roshni Chopra who is wearing Silvense.

Sun of a Beach: Cheekily named to sound like a profanity you can’t forget, this artsy beach towel brand is set to create waves in the UAE this season.

When packing up for a day by the sea, fashionistas usually ensure their beachwear is up to the mark. The girls at Sun of a Beach took the fashion element a few notches up, and decided to revamp the humble beach towel into a coveted fashion masterpiece.

Sun of a Beach (1)