Hirika Jagani: A Fresh Take on Summer Wardrobe Essentials

The Numaish Summer Show is set to entice fashionistas with a whole new array of designer fashion. One of the newest designers to showcase their wares at the Numaish show (scheduled to run from 29 to 30th April in Hotel Conrad) is the young, talented Hirika Jagani who self-named line promises to add a touch of seasonal freshness to your wardrobe.

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Hirika Jagani

What inspired you to become a fashion designer?

As a kid, I always admired my father’s dressing sense and I always looked upto him for advice in every possible matter. He was and will always be my sole inspiration behind everything I do and achive in my entire life.


Tell us more about the latest collection that you are showcasing at Numaish.

Since it is summer, we have experimented with exotic  fresh colours, embroideries and silhouettes. Our entire collection will give you a dose of blissful freshness.


What are the key inspirations behind this collection?

The delicate and subtle freshness of this spring/summer season is our inspiration behind this collection. Flowers, colours and elegance is a key characteristic which you will se in all the outfits this season.


How does Indian fashion stand out from the rest of the world?

I feel that out of all the clothing styles across the globe, Indian clothing is one of the clothing style which is most expressive and connected to its cultural and ethnic roots.



Where do you see Indian fashion in the next five years?

We can already see people across the globe increasingly accepting Indian Fashion an silhouettes in their everyday lives. Five years down the lane, I see Indian fashion becoming globally recognized on a larger scale than it is currently.


In your opinion, how does the fashion scene of the UAE differ from the rest of the world?

In my opinion, Fashion scene of every country differs in its own unique way. The fashion scene in UAE is not much different than that of India. Just like Indian fashion is being accepted globally, I feel that the fashion in UAE will also be accepted globally soon.



Please list 5 key wardrobe essentials for an Indian wardrobe.

Casual tunics, Anarkali, Lehenga, Make up and Jewellery.


What are 5 of your can’t live without fashion items from your own wardrobe?

Sunglasses, trousers, Comfortable shirts, Handbag and loafers.


Please list 5 fashion essentials for Summer 2016.

Maxi length tops and dresses will surely give you a chic look.

Flowy silhouettes and fresh clothing will rule this season as they give out the true feel and essence of this season.



What else do you have in store for 2016? 

You will have to follow us on our social networking pages to see what we have in store. The only thing I can guarantee right now is that we surely have something grand in store for all our followers this year.


What are the key trends to look out for in the coming months?

We are bringing a lot of freshness and elegance through our outfits this season. Off shoulders and floor length silhouettes are in trend and will surely stay there for a long time.

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