I am Trouble by KC: Quirky Young Fashion at Numaish Dubai

I am Trouble by KC is yet another unique fashion label to be showcasing at the Numaish Summer Show on 29th – 30th April (at Hotel Conrad). With a name that spells ‘trouble’, this fun, quirky brand has a notoriously colourful range of unique fashion clothing, footwear and accessories for men and women. Designer- Kunal

‘I am Trouble by KC’ was conceptualized and created in Delhi by the suave, young Kunal Chatterjee. Let’s have a chitchat with him on his take on fashion, and what his spunky brand has in store for the Numaish Summer Show.



What inspired you to become a fashion designer?

Normality bores me.I can’t like something for long.I love changes, fashion gives me enough space to think to do new things everyday.

Tell us more about the latest collection that you are showcasing at Numaish.

To be free,to be relaxed. Am coming up with 2 collections at Numaish.The 1st collection is very high-street. Zippers, patches,boxy constructions. The other one is luxury. Drapes, bling, flowy. Inspiration is the bad and Beautiful. Dress to influence.


What are the key inspirations behind this collection?

The life of a busy independent woman.

How does Indian fashion stand out from the rest of the world?

I don’t agree Indian fashion stands out from rest of the world. But Manish Arora and Rahul Mishra definitely stand out as Indian designers.

Where do you see Indian fashion in the next five years?

Definitely the next level. If all the young designers keep doing the kind of work we really want to do,and focus on polishing the individual style of designing, and do not try to copy other designers’ work, we will make India stand out from rest of the world.


In your opinion, how does the fashion scene of the UAE differ from the rest of the world?

To be true we are coming to UAE for the 1st time, until I experience myself what the market is all about ,I can’t really answer this question. But as much as I have followed Middle Eastern fashion, I like the personal street styling.

Please list 5 key wardrobe essentials for an Indian wardrobe.

I am not the right designer to suggest indian wardrobe essentials, as my work is very street.But I can name essentials for my kind of work:

1.millitary green dress shirt

2. white sneakers

3.black bomber jacket

4.white crop top

5.a pair of ripped jeans


What are 5 of your can’t live without fashion items from your own wardrobe?

My backpack, a pair of denims, a long white shirt, sneakers and my Wayfarers.

Please list 5 fashion essentials for Summer 2016.

5 essentials from the I am Trouble label:

  1. Short zip-detail boxy shirt dress
  2. The yellow and grey long-length side zipped shirt dress
  3. The ‘Influence’ skirt
  4. The ‘Skyline’ maxi dress
  5. I leave it to you to choose from our collection. Visit our stall at the Numaish Summer Show, and see for yourself!




What else do you have in store for 2016? 

We are working on embossing techniques on leather.

What are the key trends to look out for in the coming months?

Bold and carefree are the keywords for upcoming trends.

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