Tresind: Summer Menu 2016

A week ago, we had the pleasure of being invited back to Tresind, Dubai’s very first maestro of Indian molecular gastronomy. In the recent past, quite a few fine-dining establishments have added the magic of molecular gastronomy to their forte; but in my opinion, Tresind continues to rule the roost by continuously upping their game with new, innovative dishes.

Tresind has introduced a brand new menu for Summer 2016. The set menu comes in Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian variations. Ofcourse we tried the latter, which starts at AED 365 per head (add AED 200 for wine-pairing, inclusive of 5 half-glasses of wine).

Tresind Summer Menu 2016 review by The Tezzy Files Dubai food and lifestyle blogger (4)

A meal at Tresind is a three-sixty degree affair of the senses. Executive Head Chef Himanshu ensures that each and every dish not only tastes great, but looks and smells spectacular too. It is therefore very apt that our elaborate dinner at Tresind began with a magical, smokey whiff of woody sandalwood.

What’s New at Tresind?

New Menu Additions:

Sea Bass Recheado: In true Tresind panache, this beautiful sea bass dish is assembled right at the table, and garnished with dainty edible flowers. The sea bass has been stir-fried in a delectable Korean ssam sauce, and is served with pan-fried vegetables on the side.

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Black Moore Australian Wagyu: Who would have thought of pairing wagyu with Indian pickles? At Tresind, this very moreish serving of well-marbled wagyu cooked in a garlic and beef bone reduction, is served with four different Indian pickles. The tangy-hot hit of the pickles accentuates the meaty goodness; an unexpected marriage of global flavors.

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Lamb Biryani: A succulent leg of lamb with meat literally falling off the bone is served on a bed of aromatic, saffron-infused basmati rice. Tresind Summer Menu 2016 review by The Tezzy Files Dubai food and lifestyle blogger (9)


Chicken Cafreal: Served in a traditional Mexican molcajete, this is a Tresind take on the well-loved Goan chicken dish. It features boneless chicken pieces marinated in a flavorful coriander and bell-pepper concoction. Tresind Summer Menu 2016 review by The Tezzy Files Dubai food and lifestyle blogger (18)


Chole Bhatura: A classic combination of chickpea curry with puffy, deep-fried ‘bhatura’ bread. At Tresind, the chole is garnished with edible flowers and is good enough to eat on its own.

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Tandoori Chicken Carpaccio: Another teaser to the overall senses, this fresh, flavorful tandoori chicken salad sits juxtaposed on a bowl of deeply aromatic fumes of apple-wood. The scent of burning wood adds drama and depth to the otherwise simple salad medley.


5 New Cocktails: 

Ace mixologist Sherine John takes us around the globe with 5 spectacular summer-inspired drinks.

  1. Indian Summer: Taking the whimsical tangy-sweet goodness of Indian street food, this delightfully refreshing cocktail is a mix of freshly squeezed orange and pomegranate muddled with Bombay Sapphire. The drink is served in dancing glasses with rounded bottoms, and features a chaat masala rim. tresind Indian Summer Cocktail
  2. American Pinol: A flavorful mix of cinnamon, honey and Ron Zacapa rum served in a Red Indian mug. An incesnse stick of cinnamon bunrs on the side to elevate the experience.

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  3. Pirate of the Caribbean: Bold and fierce like the mug it is served in, this robust cocktail has a Caribbean rum base, nd has been accentuated with a delicate floral infusion. Tresind Summer Menu 2016 review by The Tezzy Files Dubai food and lifestyle blogger (19)
  4. Scottish on the Rose: A clever use of pun, this cocktail has a Hendricks Scottish Rum base, with delicate Belgian rose petals floating through it. The drink has been infused with a very refreshing cucumber and mint lemonade. This drink is all at once tangy and sweet, with the subtle hint of rose. Tresind Summer Menu 2016 review by The Tezzy Files Dubai food and lifestyle blogger (12)
  5. Vodka Kahlua Espresso: A robust blend of vodka, kahlua and strong black coffee, this drink acts as the perfect night-cap after an exorbitant meal.

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However, my 5 year-old bagged the prettiest drink! This is Tresind’s Bird’s Nest, a berry slush highlighted with an inner bulb, complete with an adorably cute little feathered friend.

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For Your Sweet-Tooth:

I’ve been raving about Tresind’s Deconstructed Black Forest Cake ever since my last visit, and had to have it again. I am not much of a black forest cake fan, but the magic of the Tresind version left me spellbound. Apart from the theatricals of molecular gastronomy, this dessert takes on a very Indian stance with the addition of Doda Barfi which somehow works beautifully well with the semi-frozen cream and chocolate mess. Highly recommended for serious dessert lovers. One serving is enough for four formally seated adults, or two very greedy sweet-tooth fanatics 🙂 tresind deconstructed black forest cake4


Daulat Ki Chaat: This translates to ‘The Chaat of Wealth’, and for good reason too. A delicate foam variation of ‘saun papdi’, the popular flaky North Indian treat, this dainty dish has been garnished with 24 carat gold leaf. Like wealth itself, the dessert is rich, sweet and moreish, and gone before you know it. tresind dawlat ki chaat dessert review


Dahi Bhalla Icecream: Originally a popular North Indian savory treat featuring lentil dumplings in a yogurt base, Tresind has morphed it into an ice-cream. A ball of aromatic Indian spices is grated on top of the dessert to accentuate on the Indian flavors.

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Old Favorites Revisited:

The Tresind Summer Menu 2016 includes a number of signature dishes that I have had the pleasure of trying earlier (click here for my last Tresind post):

Deconstructed Pani Puri: A sci-fi retake on the ever popular Indian street snack, these ‘pop in the mouth’ balls of chutney have been transformed into gel-like balls in a sodium alganate emulsion. Read my last post for more details.

tresind paani puri molecular gastronomy


Tresind Chaat Trolley: I love chaat, the tangy hot and sweet street food of India, in all forms, but the drama of the Chaat Trolley at Tresind definitely takes the cake. So glad we got to have it again on this visit!

tresind chaat trolley


This was my second visit to Tresind, and yet the restaurant never fails to have me gasping with awe. Chef Himansu continues to create magic with his new additions, and stays true to the ‘Tres-Ind’ ideology of keeping the heart of every dish truly Indian. And don’t miss out on Sherine John’s artisan cocktails! They taste as good as their presentation.

treind paan cotton candy in bus
We ended our gastronomic meal at Tresind with their signature Paan Flavored Cotton Candy. It was served in a new avatar, amidst a faux bouquet onboard a hippy ‘flower-power’ bus.


Special Offers at Tresind

  • 4 course Lunch Set Menu starting AED 145++ on weekdays, 12-3:30pm
  • Ladies Night, every Wednesday, 8-11 pm, at Tresind Lounge. 3 free drinks and 15% discount on bar snacks for all ladies
  • Happy Hours 6:30-8pm, every day at Tresind Lounge
  • 6 course, Ladies who Lunch menu, at 120++ for large groups of ladies, from Sunday-Wednesday.
  • 9 course, signature Chef’s Tasting Menu- 350++ (veg), 365++ non veg, for lunch and dinner, everyday
Tresind is located on the 2nd Floor of Nassima Royal Hotel, Sheikh Zayed Road (Trade Center area), Dubai. For reservations, call 04 308 0440 or 056 420 9754.