10 Reasons You Should Consider Brunching at Carnival by Tresind

Carnival by Tresind, the younger, spunkier sister of Tresind, Dubai’s leading Indian fine-dining restaurant, is always full of surprises. True to its name, the interiors depict a crazy-cool wonderland where trees branch out in illusive shades of rose-gold, quirky Indian artifacts dot every corner, and guests are welcomed on their table with a shower of bubbles.

Carnival by Tresind has recently introduced a set brunch menu, which is valid every Friday from 12 to 4 pm. We were there a week ago, and the place was absolutely packed! Living in Dubai, we are spoilt for choice with brunching options, but here’s 10 very good reasons why you should consider booking a table at Carnival by Tresind this coming weekend:

1) The Ambiance: When I first visited Carnival by Tresind, I felt like Alice, lost in the splendors of the deep, dark rabbit hole. If you have a weekend troop to impress, this magical venue is sure to impress and will set the mood for a fun, chilled-out Friday out.

2) The Service: Unlike most places where you are allocated one dedicated staff member to serve you through the meal, at Carnival by Tresind you get to meet a whole troupe of experts who come to the table with live demonstrations on their dishes, and add a personal touch to everything that goes on your plate.

3) Not a Buffet: Most weekend brunches are elaborate buffets. I am not a huge fan of buffets for a number of reasons. Firstly, the food is never as good as freshly made a la carte, and secondly and more importantly, the wastage! Where does all that pile of food go after 4 pm? At Carnival by Tresind, you never need to leave your seat, and everything is served fresh (and often made right infront of you!).

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4) The Live Music: At the Carnival by Tresind brunch, we were entertained by this very talented young lady who cooed out a number of classic love songs, and had me humming Celine Dion as I tucked into my elaborate curries.


5) Indian Cuisine Reinvented: From a whole trolley of bread options (all seamlessly baked with clever twists), to a mini vegetable garden that comes to the table and dosa morphed as waffles, Carnival by Tresind manages to pay tribute to traditional Indian flavors with so much fun and witty panache. Here is a look at some of my favorites:

Carnival by Tresind Friday Brunch DIFC Dubai Indian FIne Dining Molecular Gastronomy UAE Lifestyle Blog Dubai Food Blog The Tezzy Files (7)
Beetroot Pani Puri: An Indian Street-Food favorite that gets a color transformation making it look like a plumped up lip! And its lip-smackingly delicious too! I wish we could have more than one each.
Carnival by Tresind Friday Brunch DIFC Dubai Indian FIne Dining Molecular Gastronomy UAE Lifestyle Blog Dubai Food Blog The Tezzy Files (6)
A whole trolley-load of freshly baked goodness! My all-time favorite is Carnival by Tresind’s Pumpkin Kulcha (as seen on the extreme right, on the front). These fluffy bits of kulcha are stuffed with a deliciously sweet mashed pumpkin filling.


London Bridge Fish & Chips.JPG
Not your ordinary Fish n’ Chips! At Carnival by Tresind, they pay ode to an English classic by serving an entire array of battered, deep-friend golden brown seafood treats including lobster, squid and fish, all daintily sitting on London Bridge itself! And who knew traditional Indian Mint & Coriander Chutney would work so well with this?! #OnlyAtCarnivalByTresind


Carnival by Tresind Friday Brunch DIFC Dubai Indian FIne Dining Molecular Gastronomy UAE Lifestyle Blog Dubai Food Blog The Tezzy Files (13)
I love my dosas crisp and crunchy, and at Carnival by Tresind, they’ve given me a brilliant idea on how we can achieve this at home… pour some dosa batter into the waffle machine! These Dosa Waffles are absolutely to die for. Crisp and flavorful, I can even have them sans any sambar and chutney #omnoomnom


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6) The Drinks: You already know I am a huge fan of Sherine John, the genius behind the quirky cool drinks at Tresind. He also heads the mixology section at Carnival by Tresind, and his magic never ceases to fascinate me. Love Sangria? He has it growing on trees at the Carnival by Tresind brunch!


7) Family Friendly: I am a mummy of a 6 year-old. She is a restless little lady, like most children her age and taking her to a fine-dining establishment is like entertaining a circus elephant in a fine-china emporium. We often have to sedate her with a whole load of Disney downloads on her iPad, and this virtual dummy often makes me feel guilty as a mother. However, in Carnival by Tresind we are all at ease! As adults, we get to indulge in fine-dining goodness, and the long lineup of interesting treats keeps the little mademoiselle appeased enough to stay on her seat sans iPad and actually dig into some of the delicious food.

Carnival by Tresind Friday Brunch DIFC Dubai Indian FIne Dining Molecular Gastronomy UAE Lifestyle Blog Dubai Food Blog The Tezzy Files (5)
Chikki Monster! She absolutely loved these sesame-flavored chikkis that were served at the end of our epic brunch.


8) Instagram Worthy! Let’s face it, we are all slaves to social media and forever seeking #repost worthy photo-opps. At Carnival by Tresind, the interiors and the exceptionally clever food presentations will have you on an Instagram-high.


9) Great Value for Money: The Carnival by Tresind Friday Brunch costs AED 190 per person inclusive of unlimited food, fresh juices and soft-drinks, and if you want to add wines and beer to your brunch, the price goes up to AED 289 per head.

The brunch here is very competitively priced when compared to other options around the city, and add to it the drama that each dish promises to bring to your table! This is definitely a great venue for catching up with friends and family.


10) Centrally Located: Carnival by Tresind is located in DIFC, not very far from The Dubai Mall, and halfway between ‘new’ and ‘old’ Dubai. Carnival by Tresind is located in Level 1 of Burj Daman building, Dubai International Financial Centre – Dubai.


The only downside? The word is already out! Carnival by Tresind’s elaborate brunch is attracting a whole load of diners, so you really do have to call them up to book a table! Give them a call on 052 242 4262.