Meet Sherine John: The man behind the signature cocktails at Tresind!

Sherine John Tresind br manager mixologist cocktails molecular gastronomy dubai UAE indian fine dining (1)Anyone who has ever had the pleasure of dining at Tresind (located in Nassima Royal Hotel – Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai), will tell you about their magical cocktails. The drinks at Tresind oftentimes steal the spotlight from the restaurant’s phenomenal dishes. Clever concoctions featuring unexpected blends and the theatricals of molecular gastronomy thrown in, each drink is a unique masterpiece and presented with the exceptionally suave, jaw-dropping pizzazz we have come to expect a la Tresind.

Today I am introducing you to the man behind the magic; Tresind’s very own maestro mixologist, Beverage Manager Sherine John himself. A graduate in Hotel Management from India, John always had a special interest in cocktails and self-taught his way into Tresind cocktail fame.

How did you get into creating cocktails and molecular gastronomy? Did you do a course on this?

I haven’t done any specific course in molecular mixology. I have always been interested in finding new ways to create a blend of different flavours, textures and aromas in my drinks. This curiosity has led to a constant process of research through books, internet and the experiences of my team and has interested me towards molecular mixology.

Please give us a glimpse into your journey so far, and how you ended up working for Tresind.

The journey of my career started from a hotel as a trainee in Kerala, progressing to some of the finest stand alone restaurants in Delhi. I have been a part of designing the concepts of 9 restaurants in cities like Delhi and Bangalore. With more than 13 years of experience in multiple cities of India, Dubai felt like the next step. The opportuinity as a Beverage Manager of Tresind and soon to open Carnival by Tresind, has provided me with a huge scope of innovation.

Sherine John Tresind br manager mixologist cocktails molecular gastronomy dubai UAE indian fine dining (3)
‘Pirate of the Caribbean’, one of the newest additions to the Tresind Summer 2016 menu.
Of all the drinks you have created, which one has been the most popular? Why so?

Of all my drinks, my recent creation Koyla, has been the most popular. It is prepared live, by the guest’s table and has a unique filtration and infusion process through charcoal.

Sherine John Tresind br manager mixologist cocktails molecular gastronomy dubai UAE indian fine dining (2)
Tresind’s ‘Koyla’ cocktail.

Have you created drinks for celebrities? Which celebrities have had the pleasure of trying your drinks, and what did they like best?

As a popular restaurant, a lot of celebrities visit the restaurant on a regular basis like Mr. Rogger Federer, Mr. R. Madhavan, Mr. Ankit Tiwari, Mr. Suleman Merchant, Mr. Nassiruddin Shah, Mr. Kailash Kher, etc. Mr. Rogger Federer loved the idea and the flavours of The Lava Lamp (you can see the Lava Lamp in my very first Tresind post here).

You have come up with amazing flavour combinations! Please give us tips on flavours that work together, and ones that you would never ever pair together.

The combination of herbs and citrus fruit always creates an interesting flavour. I avoid using avocado with cocktails.

Apart from your drinks tasting amazing, they look like an absolute work of art! Surely you must have trained on this aspect as well?
While creating cocktails, it is very important to think about the complete experience, which includes the taste, the appearance, the theatrics and the feasibility. Molecular mixology helps a lot in creating new concepts in presentation.

What is your all-time favorite drink? Who makes your cocktails on your day off?

Bourbon with Coke is my personal favourite drink. I have a fantastic team that very diligently supports me with the operations with or without my presence, which allows me to work on new concepts and continue my research.

Tell us about Tresind’s newest venture, ‘Carnival’. What do you have in store for us there? How will it be different from Tresind?

The concept of “Carnival by Tresind” is a celebration of food and beverages. With a blend of global ingredients, combinations of old and new preparation methods, adding an interesting element of fun with every drink that is served, “Carnival by Tresind” will be a place where guests will have an experience of different bar concepts from around the world under one roof.

Any tips for young mixologists looking at building a career in the hospitality trade?

Learn one new thing and execute it in your bar every day.