Indian fine-dining restaurant Tresind is an institution of sorts. Unarguably the pioneers in molecular gastronomy in Dubai, Tresind continues to surprise their diners with their sheer creativity that never compromises on taste. Tresind lives true to its French-inspired name; they take inspiration from global cuisines and source global ingredients, but at the heart of it all, their dishes remain true to Indian culinary sensibilities. Très Indian all the way.

Every Ramadan, we really look forward to our Iftar at Tresind. This year, the iftar theme at Tresind was ‘Indian Steakhouse’, a three-course menu that’s priced a very reasonable AED 179 per person.

Tresind, contrived from the French ‘tres’ for ‘very’ and the short-form ‘Ind’ for Indian, never fails to impress. The very young, debonair Executive Head Chef Himanshu Saini has many a trick up his sleeves and recreates popular Indian flavors in the guise of modern world cuisines with much panache.

I was therefore super excited to try out their Iftar 2017 menu, and off we went with my little sister in tow (who was visiting us from New Zealand). I reassured her this would be an Iftar like no other she’s tried before, and she has been raving about it on her social media channels ever since.

The tales of Emperor Akbar and his wittiest minister Birbal are an integral part of Indian folklore. Their stories often end with a moral teaching, and have been passed down to generations of fascinated young children.birbal-ki-kichdi-story-akbar-birbal-folktales-indian-tresind-dubai-indian-fine-dining-review-by-the-tezzy-files-dubai-food-blogger-best-blog-ahlan-masala-awards-2016

Interestingly, Birbal was the only Hindu in Emperor Akbar’s court. Born Mahesh Das, stories of his timely wit and moral standing won him over as Akbar’s dearest adviser, much to the chagrin of his counterparts.

One of the most popular Akbar Birbal stories is entitled ‘Birbal Ki Kichdi‘ (Birbal’s Kichdi). What is Kichdi you ask? An Indian risotto would be the best way to describe it to a global audience. However, the Indian counterpart is not as starchy as the one eaten by Italians. Indian kichdi is made up of near-equal proportions of rice and lentils, cooked together along with a mix of spices, and enriched with ghee (Indian clarified butter). Here is how the story goes:

The wait is over. The highly anticipated Carnival by Tresind is finally opening its doors at DIFC Dubai on Saturday 3rd September. After a long week of work, I was very excited about heading to Carnival. We received a media invite to try out a set menu, and like our undeniably favorite Indian restaurant Tresind, Carnival proved to be a magical jaw-dropping experience. The only bummer was that they haven’t obtained their liquor licence yet (this will be resolved by the time they officially open).

Carnival by Tresind media menu preview by The Tezzy Files Dubai Food Blog food review Indian fine dining molecular gastronomy UAE (9)

Walking into Carnival by Tresind is like stepping into a fantasy world. Dimly lit yet festively spruced up with gilded trees branching out at every corner, a wall of masquerade masks and an impressively stylish bar area with a backlit feature wall of empty bottles, we were showered down with a welcoming burst of bubbles as soon as we took our seats at the table.

Sherine John Tresind br manager mixologist cocktails molecular gastronomy dubai UAE indian fine dining (1)Anyone who has ever had the pleasure of dining at Tresind (located in Nassima Royal Hotel – Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai), will tell you about their magical cocktails. The drinks at Tresind oftentimes steal the spotlight from the restaurant’s phenomenal dishes. Clever concoctions featuring unexpected blends and the theatricals of molecular gastronomy thrown in, each drink is a unique masterpiece and presented with the exceptionally suave, jaw-dropping pizzazz we have come to expect a la Tresind.

Today I am introducing you to the man behind the magic; Tresind’s very own maestro mixologist, Beverage Manager Sherine John himself. A graduate in Hotel Management from India, John always had a special interest in cocktails and self-taught his way into Tresind cocktail fame.

If I were to sum up my experience at Tresind in one single word, it would have to be ‘magical‘. Ofcourse we’ve heard about the restaurant’s take on molecular gastronomy, but the theatrical brilliance of Tresind had us totally spellbound.

tresind dubai review.jpg

The name ‘Tresind’ is a summation of two parts; ‘Tres’ from French meaning ‘very’, and ‘Ind’ for India. Despite all the chemistry that has gone into making Tresind an institution on molecular gastronomy, all the dishes we had the pleasure of trying stayed true to the original culinary flavors of Indian cuisine.