Rogé Cavaillès: French Skincare Giant Makes a Debut in the UAE

The French have always been the epitome of style and perceived beauty. From shabby chic interiors to munching macaroons and going on a Chanel No. 5 high, we have all aspired to bring out the Parisian in us in one way or the other.

Last week I had the pleasure of being a part of the launch of a French skincare icon, Rogé Cavaillès. From body lotions and oils to an entire range of body washes and intimate cleansers, the brand has been keeping the French beautiful since 1924!

We are inundated with beauty brands in the market, but how many will survive the near-centennial mark? There are a number of factors that has made the brand Rogé Cavaillès such a phenomenal success:

  • A Brand for Everyone: A household name in France, the products are gentle enough to be used by the entire family, including infants aged 3 and above.
  • High on Quality: The Rogé Cavaillès range is ideal for all skin types, including highly sensitive skin and has also been recommended by dermatologists for post-surgery patients.
  • Key Ingredients: The range is enriched with special “surgras” agents that consist of natural ingredients which are ideal for the entire family. The range is dermatologically and gynecologically tested, and is free of parabens, allergens and artificial fragrances.
  • The “Surgras” (or key speciaal ingredients) are:
    • Sweet Almond Oil
    • Peach Kernel Oil
    • Shea Butter
    • Jojoba Oil
  • Award Winning Products: In 2016, 3 of the Rogé Cavaillès products were ranked among the top 3 best skincare products in France:
    • No. 1: Rogé Cavaillès Solid Soap
    • No. 1: Rogé Cavaillès Liquid Cleanser
    • No. 3: Rogé Cavaillès Intimate Hygiene
  • Drug-Store Prices: You would think that such an iconic French skincare brand would come with a hefty price tag, but thankfully the opposite is true! Rogé Cavaillès is a very affordable range, and comes at regular, very competitively priced drug-store prices.


Where to Buy Rogé Cavaillès in the UAE:

The Rogé Cavaillès range will be widely available across the UAE in all leading drug stores including Life Pharmacy, Boots Pharmacy, United Pharmacy, Marina Pharmacy and Al Manara Pharmacy. You can also buy the range online from

For more details on the extensive range, do visit their website by clicking here.