Tribes Goes A La Carte

Tribes Carnivore is a meat glutton’s sanctuary. This South African chain, with its colorful tribal decor, wallet-friendly pricing and hip-swaying live entertainment, has always been one of my favorite spots to dine at in The Dubai Mall.


I was recently invited for a tasting session to try out their brand new menu, and was in for an even bigger treat. You see, the last time I visited Tribes, it was during the warmer months. This time round, they had a table booked for me on the terrace… and what a magical experience it was!

Tribes has one of the best views of the Dubai Fountains, at a very reasonable table value. Other places with Fountain and Burj views tend to have a far pricier menu listing. No matter how many times I see the Dubai Fountains, the magic never fails at taking my breath away…



Going back to the menu itself, Tribes has now removed its ‘all you can eat’ offer. This may sound very unfortunate to the ‘mutton glutton’, but to me its a big positive. First off, there is less food wastage (pretty sad when you think of all that buffet food that never gets touched… where does it go?). Secondly, you can actually order that one main dish you absolutely love and can devour it with absolute glee without the pleasure being diluted out among others being offered on the table.

We started off with a serving of their Crispy Calamari. At Tribes, their Calamari is cut a few inches thicker, and I really do recommend you get the diet and opt for the deep fried version rather than grilled. It is absolutely crunchy, crumbly and delicious! To add more texture, a whole pile of tempura crumbs is added on as garnish.



I sipped on a tall glass of Lime Mojito, the perfect accompaniment with this savory treat. The weather is phenomenally beautiful here right now, and what better way to spend it than sitting here, with a view of the majestic Burj Khalifa, and the dances of the Fountain?

For my mains, I went for their Wagyu Steak, a generously large 300 gram serving of prime Australian Wagyu, done to a perfect medium-rare, just the way I like it. I opted for sweet potato fries on the side, and had it with a creamy pepper sauce. Absolutely divine!



Hubby has Tribes’ classic Beef Short Ribs, a sticky-sweet serving of ribs, with beef absolutely falling off the bone.



It was the perfect evening… a delicious meal with an exclusive view of the fountains and the mighty Burj Khalifa. With views like this, it really goes to remind me how blessed we are to be living in this gorgeous city of Dubai.

We ended the meal with one of my favorite desserts at Tribes, their sinfully decadent Flaming Caramel Tart.



To add more sweetness to the end of our meal, we got our very own private performance by the staff! With rhythmic African drumbeats, the staff showed off their swagger to catchy notes of Shakira’s ‘Waka Waka’ and had us cooing for more.



Overall, Tribes Carnivore continues to be one of my favorite destinations for seriously good, well-priced meaty grub. I don’t think you’ll miss the ‘all you can eat’ at all here. Infact, the  a la carte allows you to revel in that one cut you really desire without all that buffet wastage. Even the staff seem less stressed out, and they can now do more of these fun-filled performances for us.

And that view of the fountains… absolutely amazing, especially in this weather! Makes for an ideal date-night spot, especially with V-Day coming up.

Tribes is located in Level 2, Star Atrium, The Dubai Mall. Call 0558024399 for details.