The Sephora Cinescope Mascara Review

If you are a beauty junkie living in the UAE, I’d be very surprised if you haven’t heard of this one. The Sephora Cinescope Mascara has to be the brand’s biggest launch so far in 2017.

Fan-clad beauties have been flaunting dramatically dark, voluminous lashes across the Sephora store adverts and outdoor hoardings, and what better way to make the ‘full fan lash effect’ claim more clear than to showcase the product with a matching Asian-style fan?! Gotta love the ingenuity of the brand!



The Sephora Cinescope Mascara was launched in the UAE this January, and I got sent a tube to try in ‘Ultra Black’.

Product Claim

The Sephora website claims this mascara will really add drama to the wearer’s lashes by:

  • Adding ‘panoramic effect’ volume
  • Giving the lashes a ‘full-fan effect’


Tezzy’s Experience with the Sephora Cinescope Mascara

First off, I was absolutely taken by the packaging! The contrast of bright silver with black makes this such a strikingly pretty addition to my makeup bag, and is definitely a big upgrade from the previous mascara tubes under the Sephora umbrella.



The Sephora Cinescope Mascara has an innovative wand that helps the product live up to its dramatic volume-enhancing claims. As you can see, the wand is studded with bristles of different lengths. Each of these are ball-tipped to ensure the wand really combs through the lashes to ‘fan’ them out and prevent clumping.



The wand also tends to pick up and hold a generous amount of mascara, and you might want to swipe out a little during the first few uses.

I for one have very sparse, thin lashes and could see a dramatic difference with this mascara with just one coating. The lashes really look bold and black, and separated and fanned out!

I really wanted to get a good ‘fan’ selfie using the Sephora Cinescope Mascara. I was so inspired by gorgeous Sephora girls!




Shall we play the ‘who did it better’ game here? Probably not! I’m wearing the Sephora Cinescope Mascara on my upper lashes. I really should have used the product on my lower lashes as well for more definition. And after all that effort, I also noticed I’m holding the fan the wrong side round… Sadly I have to cross off the idea of ever being a professional mascara model!

Overall, I love this mascara and its nifty brush. My lashes really can do with more drama, and the Sephora Cinescope Mascara delivers on this front, to the ‘t’.

However, my only qualm is that it isn’t very long lasting. After a long day at work, it tends to show signs of smudging. Also, an additional coat or two can really make the lashes feel unnaturally stiff.


Why I Love the Sephora Cinescope Mascara

  • It really delivers on its promise too add oomph and drama to the lashes!
  • The ball-tipped bristles on the brush help separate out the lashes, and prevents clumps.
  • This mascara is very easy to remove with a regular swipe or two of makeup remover.


The Negatives

  • I wish this mascara was waterproof!
  • It has a tendency of making the lashes feel quite stiff, so I usually don’t go beyond one coat.
  • This mascara would work great for a special night out, but on me, it can’t survive the 9 to 5 office drill. By the end of a working day, I tend to see signs of smudging.


Overall, this is a wonderful addition to the Sephora family and I really do hope they come out with a longer-wearing, waterproof version of this mascara. For now, I will reserve it for special occasions and absolutely love the drama it adds to my eye makeup.


Product Pricing & Availability

The Sephora Cinescope Mascara retails for AED 95, and is exclusively available in all Sephor stores across the Middle East. You can also buy it on their online by clicking here.