Wrapchic: The Indian Burrito from London

Like Global Citizens themselves, modern cuisine is a never-ending feat of combining the best of world flavors together. We all love our Indo-Chinese, rave over Western-style steaks using Japanese Wagyu, but who would have thought of bringing together Mexican with Indian?

Wrapchic is the brainchild of Mahesh Raikar, a well-paid employee of a Fortune 500 conglomerate who quit his job to delve into his passion for recreating Indian food for a health-enthused, global palate (you can read up more on the brand’s story by visiting their global website. Click here).


The clever, ‘tongue in cheek’ brand name relates to popular Mumbai liwrapchic-burjuman-bur-dubai-food-review-the-tezzy-files-blog-uae-blogger-indian-mexican-fusion-cuisine-4ngo ‘rap-chic’, loosely translated as ‘very cool and fascinating’. In this case, the ‘wrap’ is inspired by the ever-popular Mexican Burrito, and made ‘rap-chic’ with the addition of well-loved Indian flavors.

I saw the Wrapchic hoarding at Burjuman Mall quite a few months ago, and was intrigued by their artistic logo. The Wrapchic bull has been inspired by the traditional Warli art of Maharashtra, yet manages to fit in so beautifully well with the Mexican theme.

Wrapchic opened its very first shutters in the UAE at Burjuman Mall this month, and we paid them a visit a few weeks ago. Here is a closer look at the Mexican-Indian feast we delved into:


The Classic Burrito goes Desi: It may look like a burrito, but the typical white rice filling is replaced with high-quality Indian Basmati pulao. You can choose from a range of fillings inspired from different regions of India. The one below is the Chicken Tikka version, and we chose to have it with whole wheat (chapati) bread.



The Wrap: The classic paper-thin white tortilla bread holds within it a spicy Indian concoction. We chose to have the Prawn Amritsari, a flaming hot seafood curry doused in sour cream, and rolled together with salad. My favorite from the evening given my liking for spicy hot.



The Quesadillas: White flour tortilla, folded together with oozing cheese and an enticinh Indian filling of your choice! We had ours with the Mutton Madrasi filling, and the warm, melted cheese seemed to compliment it perfectly well.



Wrapchos: Move over ordinary Nachos, I’d rather sneak in a tray of these when I’m at the movies next! This bowl of nachos, smothered in a thick layer of warm, melted cheese, is layered with an Indian filling of your choice. We had ours with the Chicken Mughlai. Bet the ‘darbaars’ of the Mughal empire would have loved to have a tray of these during their evening entertainment sessions!




As if all this food is not enough, you can even opt to have a grilled sandwich on the side! My daughter loved her Nutella grilled sandwiches, and we had ours stuffed with traditional street-food style Bombay Potatoes.



For drinks, I was happy to see Wrapchic stocked Mexico’s favorite, the Jarritos. I just hope they get the Tamarind one as well.


Even better than the Jarritos are Wrapchic’s very own bottles of lassi. They have it in the ever popular mango variety, but my favorite was the Coconut Lassi. Light and flavorful with the addition of fresh coconut water, this lassi is so tropically refreshing!



Of the two nationalities, it is clear to see that Wrapchic is more Desi than it is Mexican. It takes the core ideology of Mexican cuisine and reinvents it with flavors expanding across the different regions of India.



Next time you happen to be in Burjuman Mall, do look them up. They are located in the new food court on Level 1.