Too Faced Dark Chocolate Soleil Bronzer Review

Indulge in the deep warmth of rich, aromatic chocolate without the calories… and actually end up looking more toned and chiseled! Sounds like a daydream, but this is exactly what this gorgeous little bronzer delivers.

too Faced Dark Chocolate Soleil bronzer review by The Tezzy Files Dubai Beauty Blogger UAE Sephora

Inspired by a Hawaiian chocolate facial that Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer Jerrod Blandino indulged in years ago, the Too Faced makeup range has adopted the powerful anti-oxidant rich properties of cocoa in a number of their best-selling products. 

From their bronzers, they first introduced the Chocolate Soleil which was followed by a lighter Milk Chocolate variation. As if these beauties were not enough! Too Faced went on to add the Dark Chocolate Soleil to the mix!

The Dark Chocolate Soleil is a richer, deeper matte than its counterparts. Just one sweep of this bronzer gives you a strikingly sculpted contouring effect.

Why I’m Obsessed with the Too Faced Dark Chocolate Soleil Bronzer 

First off is the packaging. How gorgeous is this golden medallion?! Reminds me of the golden coin chocolates we ate as kids. The palette is light and compact, and easy to carry around in my makeup bag and comes with a handy built-in mirror.

Although a powder bronzer, it has a smooth and creamy finish on my skin.

I am a bronzer hoarder, and have a ton of different brands under my stash. What really made this one stand out for me was the colour. It isn’t a flat dark brown, but has a beautifully warm brick-orange tint to it. This warmth gives the complexion a very believable sun-kissed finish.

I also love the fact that this bronzer is matte. I’m a matte girl all the way, and given this has no shimmer, it really helps deliver a deep and dramatic finish. A matte bronzer also allows you to choose where you want the shine. For my look below, I paired the Too Faced Dark Chocolate Soleil with just a hint of the Marylou Manizer highlighter. Click on image below for a complete breakdown of the look:

too Faced Dark Chocolate Soleil bronzer review by The Tezzy Files Dubai Beauty Blogger UAE.jpg


And what’s not to love about a bronzer that is enriched with skin-loving, anti-oxidant rich cocoa powder?! The smell of chocolate gets me every time. You can literally sniff it as soon as the palette is opened, and this itself is an aromatic treat that most bronzers fail to deliver.

The Negatives

This bronzer has been getting a great deal of slack online for its shade. Fans of the previous Chocolate Soleil and Milk Chocolate Soleil were hoping for a dramatically darker shade with this new addition. As I mentioned above, this bronzer is not a true ‘dark chocolate’, and has a warm brick-orange (caramel?) tone to it. This bronzer may fail to show up on much darker complexions, so be weary and do a colour swatch before committing to a purchase.

I for one love this bronzer shade on me, so it really does boil down to personal preferences. However, one negative for me is that my skin seems to soak up this product within a couple of hours. Blame it on the Dubai heat (or my chocaholic pores!) but I need to carry this palette along for touch-ups.

Product Availability

The Too Faced range is available at all leading Sephora stores across the Middle East.