Naturalmente Breathe Makeup Therapy: Powder & Bronzer Review

I have always had an inclination for organic beauty brands, yet I thought this genre was restricted to skincare. I’ve tried a number of organic makeup products in the past, but somehow the intensity of colors and length of wear never seems to match up to the conventional stuff.

Exciting news… I recently got introduced to a brand new organic beauty brand called Naturalmente, and they have this entire range called Breathe Makeup Therapy which offers very wearable makeup range. Every product offered is loaded with skin-loving organic goodness, and today I want to give you an insight into their Powder and Bronzer.

About Breathe Makeup Therapy

The whole premise of this makeup brand is to allow the skin to breathe again. As beauty junkies, we tend to overlook the unpronounceable list of ingredients on mainstream makeup labels. Women tend to use up to 17 different cosmetic products on a daily basis, and this is especially alarming given the age group of makeup wearers is slowly expanding to a much younger age bracket.

The Breathe Makeup Therapy range does away with hazardous substances such as phthalates, triclosans, aluminium, parbans and mosses. The scary thing is these hard to pronounce substances are far too common in everyday products.

Breathe takes a more holistic approach to beauty, and incorporates plant and flower derived ingredients into their products. The brand is also eco-friendly, and derives all the ingredients from sustainable organic farming. Even their packaging is made of recycled material.

Key Ingredients

  • Chamomile: For calming and soothing the skin.
  • Yogurt Powder: Nourishes and firms the skin.
  • Orange Essential Oil: Balances out oily skin.
  • Squalane: Protects the skin against oxidative stress.

The Breathe Makeup Therapy Face Powder Compact

First off, I love the cute, compact packaging! It makes the product so easy to carry about, and better still… its eco-friendly and recyclable. The magnetic closure makes it super easy to open (yes, I tend to struggle with many of my conventional plastic palettes!), but the only downside is that is doesn’t come with a mirror.

Naturalmente Organic Beauty Bronzer Face Powder Makeup  (2)

I got sent the Powder in the shade 02 Sand. It only comes in two shades, and this one best fits my complexion. The powder itself is beautifully silky, and provides medium coverage.

Naturalmente Organic Beauty Bronzer Face Powder Makeup  (1)

It has a very subtle floral scent which I love, and the matte finish makes it ideal for UAE summers.


The Breathe Makeup Therapy Bronzer Compact

I was sent the Breathe Bronzer Compact in the shade 02 Teak. When I first did a patch test of this bronzer, I was like WHOA! It really is pigmented! All you dusky beauties who have been complaining about the Too Faced Dark Chocolate Soleil for being too light, this is your compact. It may not smell like chocolate, but the Breathe Bronzer has a beautifully subtle floral scent… so pleasant, so refreshingly feminine!

Naturalmente Organic Beauty Bronzer Face Powder Makeup  (4)

The product itself is beautifully silky, well-milled and goes on like a dream. This is because it uses organic cornstarch as a base.

I also love the fact that it has a matte finish. Matte bronzers and blushes are more versatile in my opinion, as you can leave them as is or add subtle hints of shine with a separate highlighting product.

Apart from the key organic ingredients listed above, the bronzer is also enriched with organic Grapeseed Oil, a highly moisturizing naturally derived oil that promises a plethora of skin-loving benefits (click here for more).

Despite being very pigmented, the good thing about this bronzer is that the intensity is easily buildable. I start off with a light brush, and go on to add more intensity with more strokes.

The 02 Teak shade is a deep bronzed-up brick orange, quite similar to the Too Faced Dark Chocolate Soleil but a few shades more intense. I think this shade is quite versatile across a spectrum of olive skin-tones to medium tanned and darker skin.

Naturalmente Organic Beauty Bronzer Face Powder Makeup  (3)

Love the cute, eco-friendly packaging. It’s pretty much identical to the Powder compact, and made of paper, with a magnetic closure. The only reason this bronzer did not make it into my travel makeup stash is because it doesn’t come with a mirror. And a built-in brush wouldn’t hurt either!

Naturalmente Organic Beauty Bronzer Face Powder Makeup  (5)


What I LOVE About These Products

  • Loaded with skin-loving organic ingredients.
  • Sans chemical nasties.
  • Loves the environment! Uses organic farming, and eco-friendly packaging.
  • The packing is adorably compact and easy to carry in the makeup bag.
  • Despite being an organic beauty brand, the colour intensity of the powder and bronzer is deeply pigmented.
  • Both powders are silky smooth, and leave a perfect finish on the skin.
  • Both have a matte finish, perfect for UAE summers!
  • Both products (especially the bronzer) have a subtly beautiful floral scent.


The Negatives

  • I wish these compacts came with built-in mirrors!
  • Both porducts are only available in two shades each, which can be restrictive for different skin tones.


Product Pricing & Availability

The Breathe beauty range includes skin-care, body care and makeup. Browse through the entire collection on the Adonica Kube website. You can buy the products online, and they are also available at select beauty spas across the UAE.

Both the Breathe Compact Powder and Bronzer retail for AED 153 each. Each compact contains 10 grams of product.