Back to School with Lush!

I never thought going back to school would be so much fun. Beauty school that is!

lush beauty school

Lush UAE held a Beauty School event at their Dubai Mall store last night. It was a fabulous evening involving cooking up fresh Lush face masks, enjoying a ‘beauty buffet’ and a pampering facial, and mingling with some of the best beauty bloggers of the region.

Here is what we got up to:

The evening was hosted by a handful of highly enthusiastic Lush ladies, headed by their very own ‘Party Queen’ Stacey.

Here she is whipping up a giant bowl of Lush’s Catastrophe Cosmetic Fresh Face Mask that is made of the freshest of ingredients including locally sourced blueberries.

lush party queen

We were then given one-on-one consultations with Lush experts who analyzed our skin, and after noting down personal concerns, we were given a list of recommended products.

lush personaliszed consultation

I gave myself a virtual pat on the back as I have already been using quite a few off my recommended list.

I am a huge fan of Lush’s ‘Angels on Bare Skin’ cleanser. Loaded with aromatic essential oils including lavender and rose, the cleanser has a gentle exfoliating texture thanks to the addition of ground almonds. It is one of those facial products that turns an every-day chore of cleansing the face into a sacred ritual.

I have also used the ‘Full of Grace’ serum bar before. This has to be the only serum I’ve come across in the form of a bar, and this makes it very easy to use. Moreover, for dry skin like mine, I have also used it as a deeply hydrating night cream on its own.

After this, we headed to the ‘Beauty Buffet’.

lush buffet counter

We were actually given plates to scoop up samples of our recommended products! Here’s my plate:

lush buffet

Next was the fun part. We got into pairs; one partner was the facialist, while the other enjoyed the facial. Lucky for me, I was the later and got the lovely Saira from the Fashky blog to pamper me.

lush facial 1

Taking cues from the Lush experts at the front, Saira preened and pampered my face with all the Lush goodies on my plate.

Here I am proudly wearing the Catastrophe Cosmetic mask. It has a deliciously cooling effect on the skin as soon as it is applied on, and like all Lush products, the scent is just divine.

lush facial 2

And don’t miss my funky head-scarf! This is from Lush’s ‘Knot Wraps’ series. The ‘Knot Wraps’ are another example of how innovative a brand Lush really is. Each of these gorgeously colorful scarves have been made from two 500 ml recycled bottles each (yet I could have sworn this was cotton!). Forget wasted gift-wrapping that is torn up and chucked out anyway; the Lush girls can wrap up a special gift for you in a scarf instead. It looks visually stunning, and is reusable too, win-win! You don’t have to be gift-buying to get a scarf though, they are available for sale on their own as well.

While my mask was drying, Saira gave me a relaxing hand massage using the Soft Coeur Massage Bar (its the pretty heart on my plate). The bar has a decadent scent of honey and chocolate, and leaves the skin feeling wonderfully supple and moisturized.

Another interesting product I got introduced to through all this pampering was the Lush Toner Tab. I was given a bowl of steaming hot water, and the tab just fizzed into nothingness letting out an aromatic scent. I inhaled the fumes; aromatherapy accomplished! The hot steam opens up the pores and allows all the skin-enhancing goodness of the toner to go deep within. Best of all, you don’t have to chuck out the bowl of water. It can be stored in the fridge for a week, and used as a toner.

I got to the event right after work, so my haggard work face really had a treat! My highly rejuvenating facial ended with Lush’s Million Dollar Moisturizer, and I really did feel like a million bucks!

lush facial 3

As it was a party, ofcourse they had party props! I think the fruity hairdo below looks very similar to The Tezzy Files’ logo!

lush party favors

We ended the lovely evening with a bag of lollies and juice packs (it’s school after all!). We also got a goodie-bag that included a few of our recommended products. I got the  ‘Angels on Bare Skin’ cleanser, ‘Full of Grace’ serum, and the ‘Soft Coeur’ massage bar. I am such a lucky girl!

But don’t envy me. You too can party with Lush! Grab your girlfriends, and spend a night in cooking up deliciously ‘Lush’ beauty treats with the Lush experts. Choose your own venue, or book a store near you. Customize the party to your liking!

Below is the Lush ‘Beauty School’ pack. I love the retro design! Each pack contains all the info you need to get the party started.

lush beauty school pack

It also contains printed invites to send off to your BFF’s #lushpartyuae

lush invites

Your girlfriends will love you for the experience, and they also get Lush gift vouchers so that they can pick up a few Lush goodies of their choosing.

lush party products fresh

For more information on the Lush Party Packs, visit this link.

It’s no secret I’m a huge, huge Lush fan. Infact, I don’t know of anyone who isn’t!

3 Reasons to Love Lush:

  1. Bright & Scented:Lush is like a grown-up’s candy store! Everything is so wonderfully brightly colored and inviting, and the fabulous scent… oh I can sniff down a Lush store anywhere!
  2. Really, Really Fresh: The Lush philosophy revolves around using only the freshest of ingredients. Yes the shelf-life of most of their items tend to be very short, but that’s the beauty of it: at Lush, you know you aren’t loading your skin with any nasty preservatives or unpronounceable laboratory concoctions. Everything is freshly made in the regional Lush Kitchen Headquarters. No wonder it all smells so delish!
  3. Loves the Planet: Lush is against animal testing. They don’t do plastic bags. All their printed material is done on recycled paper. Even their plastic pots are ‘not virgin’, and the brand encourages customers to return empty pots by offering a free full-sized face mask (yeah, really! Be kind to Mother Nature and your skin; take back 5 empty Lush pots to your nearest store and claim your free mask).

I’m hoping to head back to a Lush Beauty School sometime real soon. This has to be one school I’d gladly go to detention at!