Meet Sheila Fajl. Bold, beautiful and eclectic just like the gorgeous jewelry line named after her, Sheila’s statement pieces have been donned by celebrities on the red carpet as well as trendy fashionistas the world over who have a penchant for something out of the ordinary.

sheila fajl


Happy Women’s Day to all you phenomenal women out there! To celebrate, I thought I’d do a post on one of my all-time favorite fashion icons, Iris Apfel.

Whoever said eccentric dressing and growing old should never mix has obviously not heard of Iris Apfel. She has broken all the conventional molds of fashion and beauty, a true inspiration for every woman out there.


Meet the very enterprising Mouna Abbassy, the founder and creative head of Izil, a brand new beauty range from Morocco.image001

In a cut-throat marketplace where brands come and go, Izil stands out from the crowd and has created a special niche for itself by offering high-quality organic beauty products that are based on authentic, age-old Moroccan beauty traditions.