Numaish: A chat with Manisha Kumar Chhabra, the lady behind one of UAE’s most coveted fashion exhibitions.

NUMAISH® is one of UAE’s leading Indian fashion exhibitions showcasing the talents of fashion designers from different nooks of India, Pakistan, London & the UAE.

Numaish® holds three editions (Summer, Festive & a Winter Show) each year, and the ‘Winter Show’ is scheduled for 19th Decemmanisha chabra numaish interview winter show indian fashion dubai uaeber at the Al Yasat Ballroom (Al Murooj Rotana, Dubai). Book this date into your calendar to witness firsthand the merging face of Indian fashion, and own a designer piece at affordable prices!

Numaish® was conceptualized and created by WOW Marketing in 2012, and I had a chat with CEO/Founder Manisha Kumar Chhabra on what we can expect to see at the Winter Show.

Please tell us more about Numaish. What is it, and why did you decide to bring it to Dubai?

Numaish® was conceived with a vision for shoppers to get access to affordable designer wear under one roof. We realized there is a constant need of shopping during occasions & also with the hectic social scene in Dubai, people require new entries in their wardrobe very frequently.  Going back home is always hectic with family & social commitments, there is never enough time to shop nor can you get access to more than 100 designers with such creativity and talent from all corners of India under one roof back home. Exhibitions allow shoppers to go to one venue, shop the latest collections, interact with designers and also get personalized styling tips.


How many years has Numaish been running in Dubai?

WOW Marketing, first launched the ‘NUMAISH® Lifestyle Exhibitions’ franchise in 2012, and it is now a registered trademark in the UAE & GCC.

NUMAISH®, one of UAE’s leading fashion exhibitions, has successfully completed 10 Editions over the last 3 years. Being held thrice a year, Numaish® holds three editions, Summer, Festive & Winter Show each year. Shoppers get an opportunity to meet and receive personalized styling tips from designers coming in from India, Pakistan, UK, Singapore & UAE. After successfully completing our first International Debut Edition in Singapore, we are all set to bring to Dubai our 11th Edition “Numaish Winter Show” 2015.

What are the challenges of organizing an event of this size? 

In a city like Dubai, where there are several Fashion Exhibitions that take place across the year, for us  the major challenge is to become  innovative  in our marketing and the product mix with each and every Edition.

Over the years, Numaish® has become popular for its different endeavors, namely;

Empowering Women, Reviving Tradition & Promoting Fresh Talent.

  • Numaish provides a platform to talented women designers to showcase their designs in an International Market.
  • We have also become renowned for supporting Revivalist Designers who have ensured that traditional hand woven textiles are sustained in this dynamic world of Fashion.
  • We were the first to launch a path-breaking initiative in the Exhibition Scene, the “Numaish Talent Hunt” which gives emerging designers a platform to showcase their creations alongside well established Designers.


How do you go about choosing the designers who will be a part of Numaish?

Our Vision is to offer a range of affordable designer wear to the UAE shoppers under one roof.  The work that is showcased by Designers at Numaish are very well matched with their price points. We pride ourselves of doing a well curated show in every edition with a blend of well acclaimed & emerging designers Fashion Week Designers.

What have you got in store for this December? How will Numaish be different this time round?

The Numaish Winter Show exhibitors mix will witness 80% of new generation designers who are debuting in the UAE market through this edition.

It will be a showcase of Artistic talent, Creativity & Innovation in various forms – Apparel for Women & Men, Jewelry, Accessories and Home Décor.

Please tell us about the designers who will be showcasing their creations this time.

Keeping the Christmas & New Year spirit in mind, this time around, designers at Numaish will present collections catering to the upcoming party season.

Designers to look out for will be: Anavila, N&S GAIA by Sidharth Sinha, Shahin Mannan and Mahreen by Prerna & Vishakha

  • Anavila- sustaining India’s tradition of craft and textile, Anavila creates fabrics that are gorgeous & luxurious.
  • N&S GAIA by Sidarth Sinha- The brand uses Natural fibers to produce sustainable and essential fabrics. They are driven towards western sensibilities and committed to research and development in the areas of Natural Dyeing and Crafts of North East India.
  • Shahin Mannan- is an idea, an art, a story; born of imagination and crafted with passion.

What are your absolute must-haves when it comes to Indian ethnic fashion?

A Gaurang Design, Ritu Kumar outfit and a Purvi Doshi with her dramatic embroideries of Gujarat.

Please name some of your favorite Indian fashion designers.

Ritu Kumar. I still own some of her designs that I bought over 20 years ago. They are timeless classics and looks amazing every time I wear them.

From the current set of designers – Arpita Mehta and Anushree Reddy, they have signature styles with their own distinctive look.

Designs that I have been enjoying recently is from designers that are supporting to revive Indian textiles.

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