Seafire Steakhouse & Bar (Atlantis, The Palm Dubai)

You already know it’s going to be a fine-dining experience when the venue is Atlantis, The Palm Dubai and as a hard-core steak lover, Seafire Steakhouse & Bar has been on my wish-list for a while. With moody lighting and a carnivorous display of specialized cuts of meat in a stylized freezer right at the reception, I knew I was in a meat eater’s paradise right from the start.

My little girl was pretty fascinated with the backlit menus that light up when open. Wouldn’t expect anything less fancy in a place like this! Headed by award-winning chef Raymond Wong who was awarded the title of ‘Meat Speciality Chef’ at the prestigious Pro Chef Awards 2019, the menu has a section dedicated to chargrilled meat-cuts from around the world, chef’s signature dishes as well as a number of enticing seafood options.

Chef Wong was kind enough to create a special set of three amuse bouche samplers for us to get the appetite roaring. These pretty little tartlets feature Foie Gras, Smoked Salmon and Beef Tarte.

For our appetizers round, I insisted on trying their Beef Tartare. I am a huge fan of raw meat, but for obvious reasons I refrain from ordering it unless I am dining in a place of repute. This appetizer did not disappoint at all. Loved the creamy Horseradish base, the perfectly soft-boiled quail eggs, and the exotic addition of pickled Shimeji Mushroom elevated it to fine-dining status.

We also had 2 other interesting dishes that had a play with the ‘everyday’. The American love for peanut-butter and jelly was cleverly married off with a side of French-style Fois Gras, a risky combination that somehow really worked beautifully well together.

Love a good donut? But have you ever had a meaty version? At Seafire Steakhouse, one of their signature starters is the Short Rib Donuts. I’d liken these to trend-setting sliders (aka mini burgers) with buns being replaced with savory donuts. The pulled beef was moreishly good, and pretty filling for an appetizer.

Undecided on what cut to order, we went for the Seafire Experience Platter. This meaty platter is enough to satiate 3 hungry adults, and features premium short-ribs, signature sirloin steak, lamb cutlets, a deliciously spicy sausage, and on my request, a serving of prime Australian wagyu beef.

We got to choose our steak-knives from a box of very stylized weapons from a range of countries. I went for an Emirati knife that looked like a princely dagger.

For our sides, we had a range of delicious dishes including buttery mashed potatoes, cauliflower gratin, sautéed mushrooms and corn on the cob.

At Seafire Steakhouse, they have a well-trained sommelier who helps you pair each course of your meal with the restaurant’s wide range of wines. I enjoyed a very fruity Californian BV Cabernet Sauvignon that washed down all that meaty goodness beautifully well. Fun fact: Seafire Steakhouse & Bar has the largest wine cellar at Atlantis, The Palm.

They also have a range of interesting mocktails. My daughter chose to try the Blueberry Fizz, and our friend had the Cobalt, a bright blue concoction.

We ended our meal with the restaurant’s signature dessert platter. My daughter tells me the molten chocolate lava cake was delicious (she refused to share any with me!). I for one loved the berry sorbet, but my favorite was the very classic New York cheesecake.

Overall, dining at Seafire Steakhouse & Bar was a wonderful culinary experience. Loved the invitingly cosy yet charming ambiance, the warm hospitality of the staff, and the smorgasbord of meaty options that are bound to please the most well-versed of meat-loving connoisseurs.  

A big ‘thank-you’ to Chef Wong and his team for a satiatingly memorable night.

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