Numaish Winter Show: Eco-friendly Indian Fashion by Purvi Doshi

The Numaish Winter Show is set to take place this coming Saturday 10th December at Murooj Rotana. The exhibition is a great time to check out the latest in Indian fashion and stock up on trendy ethnic and Indo-Western pieces.purvi doshi

The exhibition hosts a long list of well-known Indian fashion designers, and one paticular designer I am especially keen on meeting (and hopefully shopping with!) is Purvi Doshi. Her self-named label has already created waves in the Indian fashion industry. Her pieces are traditional yet timeless, and the sole premise of her brand is sustainability, and being kind to the eco-system. I had a wee chat with Purvi. Read on to know more about her latest collection, her stance on Indian fashion and tips on how to stay ethnically and ethically chic!

What inspired you to become a fashion designer?

I am a self-taught designer. My passion for new clothes for myself and my hobby for designing inspired me to become a fashion designer. I started with designing clothes for myself and friends and relatives and their appreciation for my sense of design and balance of garment inspired me to put a step forward in the world of fashion.


Tell us more about the latest collection that you are showcasing at Numaish.

The collection that I am showcasing at Numaish has Geometric patterns with floral highlights in vibrant colours form the structure of these garments that are also inspired by the Gypsies of the desert who are an integral part of the folk arts of India. The garments have an eye-capturing spread of Oases-like brilliantly colored Parsi embroideries incorporated in contemporary designs and silhouettes. Mirage of Gujarati mirror-work embellish the subtle “red-carpet” green dresses that bolsters her commitment towards working with the arts of the region, of which there are merely a few exponents today.


What are the key inspirations behind this collection?

“Sustainability” at its root and “Make in India” in its soul the ensembles use purely hand-woven India-made “Khadi” fabric. This collection is one more move towards popularizing these forgotten arts that help generate employment at the source that go a long way towards keeping it alive.



How does Indian fashion stand out from the rest of the world?

“Purvi doshi” the fashion label is a tribute to India’s hand crafted traditions. Purvi believes in slow fashion and follows responsible, eco-friendly and cruelty free process.

“Purvi Doshi” – the label celebrates India’s crafts and weaves by combining traditional techniques with contemporary designs moulded into beautiful nature friendly and eco fabulous clothing. It chronicles and restores heirloom traditions from the heart of our villages and fashions them into contemporary tales. The label collaborates closely with artisans and helping then create better livelihood.


Where do you see Indian fashion in the next five years?

I see Indian fashion reaching the level of International standards in coming five years. Roots of sustainability has already been poured in Indian fashion its soon going to take a peak and then India will be known for eco-friendly timeless designs. I would love to take my designs and hand embroideries at international level and make India proud of its textiles and ancient heritage of weaving and embroideries.



In your opinion, how does the fashion scene of the UAE differ from the rest of the world?

UAE is if course more modern more acceptable towards new styles and new fashion, More adaptable.


Please list 5 key wardrobe essentials for an Indian wardrobe.

Hand wovens, Hand embroidered, Ethnic Timeless dresses are essential for Indian Wardrobe.


What are 5 of your can’t live without fashion items from your own wardrobe?

Kajal, sunglasses, bellies, Pair of Earrings, and a comfortable dress.


Please list 5 fashion essentials for Winter 2016.

Capes, Ponchos, Layered dresses, lots of skirts and drapes are 5 essential for winter 2016.


What kinds of fabrics/weaves can we expect to see more of this season?

This season more of hand spun and hand woven fabric, like khadi  are expected to  reach the market.


What is the color trend to look out for this season?

This season Beige (colour)  and beige (the fabric colour itself, in its grey form),  is going to make a trend.



Given UAE does not have a very cold winter, what would you suggest for a stylish winter look?


For UAE weather I suggest they should wear nice capes, ponchos, skirts, dresses made out of cotton and which are very comfortable and breezy material.


What else do you have in store for 2016? 

Other than our fashion week collections, we have a regular range of pret and couture collection which are related to our fashion week collection in our store.


What are the key trends to look out for in the coming months?

There are no such key trend looks, The look in which you are comfortable and is easy to carry will always be in trend.